Pres. Rouhani calls for end to murdering of Yemeni people

TEHRAN, Apr. 04 (MNA) – At a bilateral meeting with Russian President Putin in Ankara on, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told his Russian counterpart that all efforts should be focused to stop Saudi war against Yemeni people.

“We have to make our efforts to immediately stop bombardments of murders of the people in Yemen and provide the medical and food needs of the people of this country with the help of the international community,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday.

The Iranian president made the remarks during his bilateral meeting with his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, in Ankara, on the sidelines of the trilateral summit of Iran, Russia, and Turkey.

Mr. Rouhani referred to the constructive and developing relations between Iran and Russia in various fields, saying, “Tehran-Moscow strategic relations are in line with development of regional and international peace and security.”

President Rouhani offered congratulations to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation over his re-election, saying, “Relations and cooperation between Iran and Russia are at a good level with the determination of the two governments and will further develop.”

Stressing the importance of precise implementation of Iran-Russia agreements in various fields, Mr. Rouhani said, “Deepening banking relations and facilitating travel between the two countries will further boost Tehran-Moscow economic relations.”

Underscoring that Iran-Russia ties will continue at strategic level, he said, “Bilateral and multilateral relations between Iran and Russia, especially in this summit, must continue to serve the process of peace, stability and political process, as well as making the wishes of the people of Syria realized.”

He also described Tehran-Moscow relations positive in various fields, saying, “Iran and Russia have common views and constructive cooperation in regional and international issues, particularly on Syria.”

Mr. Rouhani went on to describe the Sochi Summit effective in resolving the Syrian crisis, asserting, “Security and stability in Syria, return of refugees to their countries and attempts to shape the future of Syria with the votes of the people of the country are the important goals of the Ankara Summit.”

On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said, “If some day something happens that deprives us of benefits of the JCPOA, we will take a new decision.”

Stressing the importance of cooperation between Iran and Russia in developing regional and international stability and security, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said, “We must attempt to put an end to the bombing and killing of people in Yemen to let medicine and food aids be provided to the people of the country by the global community”.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin referred to positive, close Iran-Russia cooperation and relations in various bilateral, regional and international fields, especially the Syrian issue and called for permanent cooperation and dialogue by the authorities of the two countries in developing Tehran-Moscow relations.

He also said that relations between the two countries will continue in political, economic, energy and defense fields, saying, “Russia is determined to invest more in various economic fields in Iran.”

On the nuclear deal, he added, “All parties’ living up to their commitments in this agreement is essential and the international community must support JCPOA’s stability, because undermining it in any way undermines diplomacy in the region and the world.”

“Iran is a great regional power with intelligent people and must have its place, rights and interests at national and regional levels,” continued Putin.


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