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US serves as great intl. ISIL: Ali Larijani

US serves as great intl. ISIL: Ali Larijani

TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament addressed the funeral of 17 victims of the Wednesday terrorist attack on Tehran.

“These attacks show that the focus of them [terrorist] is on the centers of religious democracy of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament, early on Friday, addressing the funeral of the 17 victims of Wednesday terrorist attack on Tehran.

He opened his address saying that today is a hard day for Iranians bidding farewell to those innocent dears who were unjustly killed in Imam Khomeini Mausoleum and Parliament on Wednesday. He asked the participants in the event to pay tribute to the victims.

“They attacked on the centers which are the focus of Iranians’ attention and this proves their opposition to democracy,” asserted the top MP. He offered gratitude to Iran’s Leader for the after-the-attack remarks which tendered the hearts of the bereaved families and the nation.

“A look at the victims of the incident shows that the terrorists were unable to reach the main hall of the shrine and Parliament and just targeted blindly at parliament staff and killed them,” he then wished quick recovery of the injured of the incident.

The top legislator then recited the names of the victims of the attack.

“The remarks made by the US president is a sham stain for them in this purgatory stage of war on terror,” declared the speaker of Iran’s Parliament, “we did not expect more than this from Saudis who have a dictatorial regime sans from any trace of democracy and today they have installed the mark of war on democracy and support for terrorist on their chest.”

Larijani then touched upon the US policies in the Middle East and criticized Trumps trade with Saudis as an exchange of democracy with money. “The Americans, who were once out-crying to lead the world in a bid to garner democracy and safeguard human rights, have ended up in such a situation that their president has exchanged, of the utmost flagrancy, democracy with money.”

“The US has picked the policy of revolving doors which are open to looting the properties of nations and slaughter s democracy and human rights,” articulated the Iranian top law maker. “One day they swallow hundreds of billions from Saudis under the pretext of Riyadh meeting, and the other day they create tension in the region to loot another states of the region.” He affirmed that the stain of looting the countries of the region with vague excuses darkens the future of the US history.

“They held the Riyadh meeting and then cried that we have made Iran isolated,” said Larijani. “What kind of isolation is this that all heads of states sent solidarity messages to the nation and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran?”

“More fragrant than all of these, is the recent Act passed in the US senate in supporting terrorists and imposing new sanctions against the Iranian nation,” stated the Iranian legislator. “Right at the time that the Iranian nation were fighting the terrorists at the building o their parliament the US senate, of the utmost flagrancy, was passing laws against the people of Iran and for the terrorists.”   

He underlined that the measure of the US senate attests that the US senate has the least amount of human compassion. “It demonstrated that we live in a world with two ISILs, one in the region and the other one the international.”

“The US sided with the regional ISIL with this measure, and attested that the US is the International ISIL, it proved once again, the accuracy of late Imam Khomeini’s assertion that ‘the US is the greatest evil’ and those who are determined to eradicate terrorism have no choice but counter the international ISIL, i.e. the US.”        


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