Saudis always in war with Muslims

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijnai said Saudi Arabia has always been in battle against Muslims without confronting Zionists even with one bullet.

Addressing the open session of the Parliament on Tuesday morning, Larijani referred to Donald Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia asserting “it was both interesting and unbelievable to hear that the US President clearly announced the volume of cash he had received in order to make the visit.”

Americans were right to introduce Riyadh as the center of fight against terrorism since the Saudi capital is where terrorists are trained and if the US prevents deployment of fund and weaponry from Saudi Arabia to other areas, thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen will no longer be killed or injured, he said.

The official said it was surprising that Saudis and Americans claim to be pioneers of fight against terrorism since Saudi’s have been involved in creation of terrorist groups since the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan.

On formation of Taliban, Larijani said Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was right to state that Taliban arose from a partnership triangle with US and Britain acting as designers, Saudis as financers and Pakistan as performer of the plan.

He said a recent report by American official on September 11 event revealed that Saudi officials were involved in the incident; “ISIL and other terrorist groups have all been created or supported by Saudi Arabia; now, Saudis claim that Iran is the main axis of terrorism in the region while historical facts reject the issue.”

He went on to emphasize that Egypt, Yemen, al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen as well as Sunni scholars and intellectuals have all been victims of or suffered from Wahhabis who caused untold and irreversible damages over the past 60 years. Under the moto of ‘expanding Islam’, the Saud government has constructed mosques in which young Wahhabis are exploited to promote the ideology of violence in the world.

Islamic Republic of Iran is developing democracy in the region by holding elections and polls while Saudis still prevent women from driving and have no constitution, said Larijani maintaining that Saudis fear the fact that Iran has turned into a role model to other states.

He deemed it as a shame for an Islamic country to broadcast voice of US in its capital and name Hizbullah and Hamas, who are fighting Israeli regime, as terrorists.

“It is unfortunate for the King of Saudi Arabia to claim that Iran interferes in internal affairs of regional countries at a time when no single instance exists to prove Iranian aggression against another country,” he underlined.

Parliament speaker said It was Saudi Arabia, not Iran, to deploy troops to Bahrain and Yemen as well as that they encouraged Saddam to invade Iran. “On the other hand, Iran supported Kuwait in the face of Saddam and we have no problems with the neighboring countries.”

“Iran is against waging war against Muslims in Yemen and considers the action as genocide; Iran is also opposed to Saudi’s presence in Bahrain, especially with regard to recent outrageous acts carried out against Sheikh Isa Qassim,” Ali Larijani concluded.


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