Bahraini oppositions call Khalifa regime to ‘exercise moderation’

TEHRAN, Mar. 07 (MNA) – Bahraini oppositions groups abroad have issued a general warning to al-Khalifa regime to abandon future trial of Isa Qassim, planned for March 14.

The statement also urged the public to come to streets on that day to voice anger and demonstration against the regime.

To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; - and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid (22: 39)

The ruling regime in Bahrain insists on war against people as a whole in all religious, political, social, and cultural and even the living aspects. The regime’s ongoing trampling over natural and humanitarian rights of people and trial of their religious and ideological entity and also bloodshed and violation of all sanctities are the most obvious reasons.

This tribal regime seeks to try religious and ideological entity of the people on March 14 which also coincides with anniversary of Saudi occupying forces’ entry into Bahrain (in 2011) and initiation of annihilating of mosques and violation of sanctities without any exception.

We, Bahraini oppositions in abroad, call on all the people to declare anger and to show manifestations of civil resistance from Sunday March 12 until achievement of the following objects:

That the regime should: 

1.  Immediately stop trial of religious and ideological entity of people by political trial of Sheikh Isa Qassim.

2. Formally apologize for violation of Shia’s entity, and 

3. Recognize and to pledge that the people are the source of all power and they have the right to choose their own destiny.

And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs (12: 21)


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