Moscow eyes more economic ties with Tehran

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TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) – Iranian and Russian officials discussed the ways to develop bilateral economic ties in a meeting on the sideline of Iran’s industry exhibition in Moscow.

“It is the best time to reach the goals, and boost the ties in the areas that the two countries have already made agreements,” said Iranian Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade, Mojtaba Khosrowtaj, to his Russian counterpart Georgy Kalamanov late on Wednesday.

The two officials met on the sidelines of the Iran’s Industry Exhibition, underway in Moscow, to discuss the ways to bolster trade ties, and improve economic cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.

Georgy Kalamanov, Russian Industry and Trade Deputy Minister, in this meeting, refereed to the capabilities and capacities of Iran and Russia and stressed that the two countries can meet their reciprocal needs, as Iran and Russia have a vast opportunity of cooperation ahead.

Developing cooperation between the private sector of the two countries, examining the obstacle impeding the development of bilateral ties, increasing reciprocal knowledge of capacities and capabilities, and having exhibitions and fairs were the major areas of the talks between Khosrowtaj and Kalamanov.






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