Economic Ties



  • زلزله کرمانشاه، روز دوم 2017-11-15 11:00

    Condolences pour in for Iran deadly earthquake

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Heads of several states and other high-ranking officials from all around the globe have sent messages of condolences to Iran over the Sunday night’s deadly quake which has so far killed over 500 people and wounded more than 9000.

  • bosni 2017-11-15 10:43

    Tehran, Sarajevo stress resolve for deepening economic ties

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirko Šarović, and Iran’s Ambassador to Sarajevo, Mahmoud Heidari, stressed the need to expand bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

  • 20th China-ASEAN  2017-11-14 15:33

    ASEAN leaders laud "positive developments" in ASEAN-China ties 

    MANILA, Nov. 14 (MNA) – Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) lauded the "positive developments" in ASEAN-China relations in economic, political and security areas, a government statement said here on Tuesday.

  • دیدار جهانگیری با کمیسیونر کشاورزی اتحادیه اروپا 2017-11-11 20:20

    VP Jahangiri urges EU to defy JCPOA violators

    TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – Iranian First Vice-President Jahangiri told European Commissioner for Agriculture Hogan, on Saturday in Tehran, that EU should not bend to the wishes of JCPOA violators.

  • گمرک 2017-11-11 18:53

    WCO Sec. Gen. lands in Tehran on Saturday

    TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – Kunio Mikuriya, the Secretary General of World Customs Organization (WCO), arrived in Tehran on Saturday in the morning.

  • velayati khamis 2017-11-07 10:21

    Syrian PM urges expansion of economic ties with Iran

    DAMASCUS, Nov. 07 (MNA) – In a Mon. meeting with Iran's Velayati, Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis stressed the importance of boosting economic, trade cooperation and joint developmental projects between Syria and Iran.

  • یورو 2017-11-06 11:45

    Iran, Switzerland discuss new finances

    TEHRAN, Nov. 06 (MNA) – The head of Organization for Economic Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran announced an opportunity in inauguration of banking transactions between Iran and Switzerland.

  • محسن خادم عرب باغی مدیر عامل سازمان منطقه آزاد ارس 2017-11-05 13:37

    Iran, Armenia to establish joint coop. office

    TEHRAN, Nov. 05 (MNA) – Managing Director of Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone Mohsen Khadem Arab Baghi has announced the foundation of Iran-Armenia Joint Cooperation Office in Aras and Meghri as part of developing bilateral relations.

  • aus 2017-11-03 16:31

    Austria eager to boost ties with Iran

    TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Austrian Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs, Michael Linhart, said huge capacities existed for deepening relations with Iran in various sectors.

  • بانک مرکزی 2017-11-03 14:43

    Iranian, Iraqi central banks to form joint committee

    TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Iranian Industry Minister Shariatmadari, while in Iraq, met and talked with Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Al-Allaq.

  • محمد شریعتمداری 2017-11-03 12:25

    Industry min. meets with senior Iraqi officials

    TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Iranian Industry Minister Shariatmadari, who is on an official visit to Iraq, met and talked with planning minister as well as parliament speaker of the neighboring country.

  • ایران و صربستان 2017-10-31 14:41

    Iran urges boosting economic ties with Serbia

    TEHRAN, Oct. 31 (MNA) – The head of Iran and Serbia’s parliamentary friendship group expressed dissatisfaction with the current level of trade volume between the two nations and pointed to their high capacity for economic and business cooperation.

  • Senegalese envoy 2017-10-29 15:50

    Senegal envoy calls for closer ties with Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) – Senegal’s ambassador to Tehran called for a strategic plan for economic cooperation between Iran and Africa and expansion of bilateral economic ties.

  • سفیر تانزانیا 2017-10-28 13:39

    Iran stress expansion of ties with Tanzania, Sri Lanka

    TEHRAN, Oct. 28 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani received letters of credence from new Tanzanian and Sri Lankan ambassadors to Tehran, stressing expansion of bilateral ties.

  • فیلیپین 2017-10-28 13:29


    Iran welcomes expansion of ties with Philippines

    TEHRAN, Oct. 28 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani, while calling for stronger relations with the Philippines, said private sector could play a major role in development of bilateral cooperation.

  • British parliament 2017-10-28 10:00

    British companies call for further economic ties with Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 28 (MNA) – During the annual assembly of Iran and Britain’s Chambers of Commerce, Iran’s envoy to London Hamid Baeidinezhad said that UK companies interested in doing business with Iran, called for an increase in economic interactions.

  • ظریف 2017-10-25 15:29

    FM Zarif meets with his Ugandan counterpart

    TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – In a meeting with Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called for deepening and expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries in various areas.

  • مجمع اقتصادی ایران و اوگاندا 2017-10-25 12:41

    Iran-Uganda business forum kicks off

    TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Iran and Uganda business forum opened this morning in the presence of Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Ugandan counterpart in Kampala.

  • بروجردی 2017-10-25 10:06

    Senior MP:

    US remains insincere in anti-terrorism fight

    TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Iran's senior MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi said US was not honest in the fight against terrorism since its support of extremists and takfiri groups had caused the ongoing regional crisis.

  • آفریقای جنوبی 2017-10-23 15:22

    Iran, South Africa hold 13th Joint Commission in Pretoria

    TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) – The 13th meeting of Iran-South Africa Joint Commission was held in the African state’s administrative capital of Pretoria on Monday, October 23.

  • iran south africa 2017-10-23 13:32

    FM Zarif:

    Pres. Rouhani to visit S Africa in few months

    TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) – Speaking at South Africa-Iran Business Forum in Pretoria on Mon., FM Zarif announced President Rouhani’s upcoming visit to South Africa in a few months.

  • ظریف 2017-10-23 09:59


    Iran after comprehensive ties with BRICS

    TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran was after comprehensive ties with BRICS since it was an emerging economic group.

  • علاء الدین بروجردی 2017-10-22 10:19

    JCPOA helps boost Iran’s ties with world

    TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – Pointing to international consensus on preserving JCPOA, Dutch MP Raymond Knops voiced his country's parliament's strong support for implementing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

  • ازبکستان 2017-10-18 15:09

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Iran welcomes expansion of ties with Uzbekistan

    TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – President Rouhani told the visiting foreign minister of Uzbekistan that Iran ushers in the call of expansion of bilateral ties.

  • مسعود کرباسیان وزیر امور اقتصاد و دارایی 2017-10-18 11:06

    Brazil to host branches of Iranian banks

    TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – Brazil’s Minister of Finance, at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart in Washington DC, welcomed the idea of opening branches of Iranian banks in his country.

  • No outsider allowed to visit Iran’s military sites: Velayati 2017-10-17 14:35


    Europe has no right to call for missile talks with Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Leader’s Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati said the Europeans held no rights to support the JCPOA on the one hand and call for missile and regional negotiations with Iran on the other.

  • مسعود کرباسیان وزیر امور اقتصاد و دارایی 2017-10-17 14:34

    Tehran, Jakarta call for stronger trade, economic relations

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – A meeting between Iranian economy minister and his Indonesia counterpart stressed the need to elevate relations and develop bilateral cooperation.

  • نشست خبری آخوندی و وزیر کره جنوبی 2017-10-17 13:40


    S Korea to build smart cities in Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Iran’s Akhundi said Ministry of Roads and Urban Development will form a joint committee with the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) on November 15.

  • دیدار وزرای خارجه روسیه و فرانسه 2017-10-15 16:05

    French govt. supports JCPOA

    TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – While stressing the obligation of the government of France to remain committed to JCPOA, the Finance Minister of the country announced the government’s determination to develop economic ties with Iran.

  • مسعود کرباسیان وزیر امور اقتصاد و دارایی 2017-10-15 13:35

    Economy min. meets with Indian, Afghan counterparts

    TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – Iran’s Minister of Economy, Masoud Karbasian, met and talked with his Indian and Afghan counterparts at separate meetings on the sidelines of 2017 World Bank Summit.