JCPOA not to stop excuse-makers

KERMAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) – Veteran Iranian diplomat Velayati, on Thursday, commented on difficulties of putting the JCPOA into practice.

 “It is difficult to go through implementation of the JCPOA, as the Westerners’ objections are the pretext to hide their real intention to bring Iran’s nuclear program to complete stop,” said Ali Akbar Velayati Iran’s former foreign minister who is currently the Head of Strategic Research Center Iran’s and special aid of Iran’s Leader.

The veteran diplomat made the remarks in his address at a provincial conference in Iranian’s southern province of Kerman on Thursday.

“The whole anti-Iran atomic scenario was kicked off in 2003, and it was the guidance of Iran’s Leader and efforts of Rouhani’s administration that led to the conclusion of 12-year-old story,” asserted Velayati.

He boasted that the UN, thanks to Leader’s and President’s perseverance, acknowledged Iran’s legitimate right to have nuclear energy despite all the efforts made by anti-Iran states within the period.

The Iranian official reassured that implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is much more difficult than reaching it, as the Westerners have always been looking for an excuse to stop all Iran’s nuclear programs.

“To cut Iran from its regional allies, an idea is propagandized that the Iranians should focus on their own country and stop interfering in the regional issues,” Velayati affirmed saying that “soft war is an alternative when our enemies are unable to wage war on us.”

He reiterated that Iran keeps its stands in the region, to secure its national interests, adding that “while Iran shares either terrestrial or marine borderline with 15 countries, it is not logical to wait for enemies to reach across our borders to encounter them.”  

“The main reason Iran is defending the Syrian government, is to prevent formation of a backyard for the Israeli regime,” asserted Velayati later in his speech.

“To defend a Muslim country equals defending Iran, and prevention has always been better than cure,” he said.

Later Velayati commented on the nature of animosity toward the US and Israeli regime saying that, “even if we let the US, and the Zionist regime do whatever they want, they would not let us off the hook, as they cannot tolerate the existence of an independent Muslim country.”

He noted that as far as the Islamic Republic, as an independent Muslim country, is playing an important role in regional developments, it has opposition on its way.




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