Every nation's culture is a multitude of its traditions, customs, and values. For instance, music, literature, art, architecture, and historical background of each nation might reveal the very core of its identity and existence.

A nation with a rich culture and tradition is opulent in every way, up and ready to embrace other cultures and traditions, even values with no one-sidedness. Such an ancient tradition is the key toward building a prosperous future, as it is amalgamated with the undistorted cultural identity of the past.

A true cultural heritage is of high significance for such nation, in any position or status, as it helps to keep its head high among other nations. Its people will also have much more kindness and tolerance toward the exchange of similar attributes with other nations. Such nation will always be on the lookout for cultural exchanges just like their bygone ancestors. Widespread cultural relations that will develop into better relations with the entire world community will initiate an array of global values and traditions, yet with a unified goal: global harmony.

The need for global harmony is greatly felt in today's world. Healthy friendships based on mutual understanding and respect for every culture's values and traditions can create far better understanding and harmony than just a system that only aims to create a global village, with its cultural products supplied by only one country and culture. If there is no respect for a culture and tradition, then why should it tolerate other ones? It's like owning a house and living like a tenant!

Deep inside we all think and feel in similar ways. Hence, no culture and tradition can be singled out simply because some are convinced that it is indeed better than the others. Only if that "better" culture decides to accept and value other cultures, then it will be better indeed.

Art is an international language. It belongs to no time and place, it belongs to every body. Every individual can listen to the music of Mozart and enjoy it regardless of its origin. Every individual can look at a historical building and admire the magnificence of its ancient architecture and beauty. They all serve one purpose and that is to harmonize all cultures, the commonality of nations created by the arts of music and architecture. Art works as a blueprint but at the same time it belongs to the entire world. It can communicate with any nation with any language, hence the idea of (cultural) exchange is hidden inside the fact.

Cultural exchanges based on mutual understanding and respect can remove all boundaries and create universal values. When two nations come together in order to understand and respect each other's cultures, arts, and traditions, the true meaning of universality is evolved, and the seed for a genuine global respect and value is planted. As a result, we will get to know each other, realizing that we are indeed from one origin.


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