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Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel’s air defense if it attacked

Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel’s air defense if it attacked

TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – The Hezbollah resistance movement has a large weapons arsenal that could reach far into the Israeli-occupied territories and overwhelm the regime's air defense systems in case of a war on Lebanon, an American newspaper said.

In a report published on Wednesday, The Washington Post said Hezbollah is in possession of guided and unguided rockets, antitank artillery, ballistic and anti-ship missiles, as well as explosive-laden drones.

“Analysts estimate Hezbollah has between 130,000 and 150,000 rockets and missiles, more than four times as many as its ally [the Palestinian Resistance group] Hamas was believed to have stockpiled before the war in Gaza,” it added.

“And the Lebanese group says it commands more than 100,000 soldiers, well over double the high-end estimates of Hamas’s prewar fighting force.”

The report also noted that the majority of Hezbollah’s weapons are low-grade unguided munitions, but they could still threaten Israel’s air defense if launched in large quantities at the same time.

In a full-blown military aggression against Lebanon, saturation attacks could overwhelm Israel’s so-called Iron Dome, according to the report.

Israel has “already spent a lot of Iron Dome interceptors during the war in Gaza,” said Fabian Hinz, a defense and military analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “How many do they have left?”

The report said Hezbollah has guided ballistic missiles with a range of up to 185 miles that potentially put Tel Aviv and even the occupied al-Quds in the crosshairs.

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