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Israeli media:

Israel’s Haifa must expect 4k pinpointing missiles per day

Israel’s Haifa must expect 4k pinpointing missiles per day

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – An Israeli media outlet has reported that Hezbollah would fire 4,000 pinpoint missiles on a daily basis at the occupied port of Haifa in the northwest of occupied Palestine in case a large-scale war takes place.

According to the Zionist regime's Channel 12 TV, the mayor of the occupied port of Haifa Yona Yahav said that the Zionist regime is dealing with a real danger, Hezbollah is destroying Israel, and the Netanyahu cabinet is doing nothing and has left the north alone.

Yahav went on to say that in the 33-day war in 2006, the Lebanese Hezbollah was able to fire only 200 non-pinpoint missiles at Haifa, but now it can fire 4,000 pinpoint missiles at Haifa every day, and this issue confronts us with a very different scenario, IRNA reported.

During the 33-day war, then-prime minister Ehud Olmert and his cabinet ministers came to Haifa without any fear, but now cabinet members do not do so, he argued.

The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV quoted the Zionist regime's media as saying that Zionist settlers are concerned about the targeting of industries in the port of Haifa, and that 3.2 million people live there who will be harmed if industrial facilities containing hazardous materials are targeted.

Al-Mayadeen reported that there are 1,500 sources of hazardous materials in Haifa Bay, which if attacked, will be released into the environment, and the settlers will suffer even from unimaginable catastrophe.

Some Israeli media outlets also reported that 70% of the Galilee region in the north of occupied Palestine was damaged by the eight-month attacks of Hezbollah.

The media added that half of the residents of Kiryat Shmona in northern occupied Palestine do not think about returning to the settlement due to the continued Hezbollah strikes.


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