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Turkish observer:

Riyadh bans formation of pro-Palestine movement during Hajj

Riyadh bans formation of pro-Palestine movement during Hajj

TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – A Turkish Islamist journalist and researcher argues that raising the issue of Gaza during the Hajj rituals will greatly upset both the occupying regime of Israel and its allies, but Saudi Arabia does not allow that to happen.

Ramazan Bursa, Turkish Journalist and Researcher told Mehr in an interview that Hajj pilgrimage season is an opportunity to support Palestine.

"The actions taken by both people and students in Europe and America are very important. The Palestinian cause and the resistance in Gaza helped awaken the people in Western countries, and this is very important. Moreover, people from all different religions, all languages, all races, regardless of religion, race or discrimination, stand alongside the people in Gaza, and against the Zionist plots and atrocities of the Israeli occupation regime," he said.

Bursa also said Hajj is an extremely important symbol of faith and worship in Muslims religion, which is actually a symbol of unity and solidarity.

"Muslims who have the opportunity to perform a pilgrimage go to that holy city in accordance with the command of Allah and come together in Arafah. Arafah actually represents the unity and solidarity of Muslims, so in a way it is a political worship," he said adding that, "There is nothing more natural than discussing the problems of Muslims there. In fact, Muslims should address the problems that concern Muslims, they should speak in Arafah, they should speak in the Kaaba, they should speak in the presence of our Prophet in Medina-i Münevvere."

Describing the pilgrimage as a great congress held by Muslims once a year, the Turkish researcher said, “This is a great meeting. However, we cannot see such a trend. Although Muslims have wanted this to happen, it seems that we will not see such a trend as in previous years. The reason for this is Saudi Arabia's policy."

According to him, Hajj is the greatest worshipping ceremony for Muslims, therefore supporting the cause of Palestine and resisting Muslims is a duty.

He added that the high-ranking officials of the Saudi Arabian government prevent the Muslims from showing their support for Palestinians out of fear.

"Because they think that if the people go to the streets and protest for the Palestinian issue, they will get used to protesting and the next time they will take to the streets against them," he said.

"The reason why Saudi Arabia does not want the issue of Gaza to be brought up in the Hajj ceremony and is not happy with chanting slogans in favor of Gaza and Palestine is to avoid disturbing the Zionist regime, America and Western countries," he added.


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