US damaged world peace and security: Iran parl. speaker

TEHRAN, Jan. 09 (MNA) – Speaking at the 13th session of the Assembly of Asian Parliaments in Turkey on Monday, the Iranian Parliament Speaker said that the United States has undermined global peace and security by adopting a unilateralist approach.

Stating that in recent years that the United States has damaged global peace and security by adopting a unilateralist approach, Ghalibaf stated, "The United States still imagines itself as the world's preeminent power, a position which it has actually missed for a long time. However, this country is trying to maintain its global dominance and supremacy by using militarization methods, economic sanctions and media war."

Referring to the efforts of Western countries in imposing their culture on Asian societies in different ways, Ghalibaf stressed that Asian countries should cooperate more against such attacks that damage the cultural identity of nations.

Asia today is now in a position that can play a serious and important role in solving global problems, Ghalibaf noted, adding that in recent years, Asia has enjoyed lofty growth and development.

He also called for respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, supporting non-interference in each other's internal affairs, respecting the right of nations to choose independently, and effectively opposing unilateralism and occupation.

Ghalibaf went on to say that if the Asian nations perform their duties properly in this critical period of history, the impact of their actions will not be limited only to Asia.

He urged the Asian countries to pay attention to the urgent needs and carry out practical cooperation in key areas including poverty reduction, food security, and industrialization.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian parliament speaker touched upon the unfair assassination of martyr Soleimani and said Trump and all his accomplices have definite international responsibility for this great crime and must be held accountable.

He also referred to the ongoing aggression of the Israeli regime in Palestine and emphasized, "We believe that the final solution of the Palestinian crisis will be possible not through imposed plans to consolidate the occupation, but through the return of the Palestinian refugees to this country and the establishment of a just peace."

Ghalibaf announced the full readiness of the Iranian Parliament to strengthen cooperation and interactions with other Asian parliaments.


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