US seeking to create discord, tension in Iran             

TEHRAN, Nov. 05 (MNA) – While condoling the martyrdom of some Iranian people in a terrorist attack in Shiraz’s Shah Cheragh, the President of Spanish Council of State Youssef Fernandez said that US is seeking to create discord and tension in Iran.

He made the comment in his meeting with Iranian Embassy’s Cultural Attaché on Saturday and said that the current situation in Iran has several reasons, the most important of which is the nuclear case. As Iran has not come under pressure of the United States, for this reason, the White House is seeking to create tension in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Stating that the United States has presently targeted Iranian youth and young people, Fernandez pointed out that the young Iranian generation should know why they have been sanctioned. Iranian people should be vigilant that Global Arrogance wants Iran’s humiliation, not its independence.

What is important for the United States and Israel is to maintain their interests in the international arena in a way that they do not care about the interests of the Iranian people in this respect, he emphasized.

In a media warfare, the US and its allies are diverting domestic and foreign public opinions by telling lies in the virtual media, and just today it has been witnessed that they did not reflect the massive participation of Iranian people in Aban 13 (Nov. 4) Rally, which marks the National Day to Fight the Global Arrogance.

The Cultural Attache of the Iranian Embassy to Madrid Ahmadi, for his part, expressed his thanks to the stance of the Spanish President of the Islamic Council towards the Islamic Republic of Iran in international arenas and said that the fighting against Global Arrogance is the nature of Islamic Revolution of Iran, so, US and Israel see their interests in danger and are always seeking their hostility against Iranian people.


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