Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah

TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Undoubtedly, Iran is among the countries that enjoy extraordinary potential in the field of geotourism attractions.

Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of the concept of tourism. Tourism is defined as the activities of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes for not more than one consecutive year. But tourism has different types. For example, have you ever heard of "Geotourism"?  what do you know about it? let us give an explanation about it for you.

Geotourism is defined as tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place, its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents. Also, Geotourism can be described as knowledge-based tourism, interdisciplinary integration of the tourism industry with conservation and interpretation of abiotic nature attributes, besides considering related cultural issues, within the geo-sites for the general public. Actually, geo-tourists usually deal with abiotic nature attributes and they seek the wonders of natural attractions.

There is a number of countries that enjoy extraordinary potential in the field of geotourism, there is no doubt that Iran is among those countries. Nature and its diversity in Iran are valuable parameters for the development of the tourism industry.

 Among significant characteristics of the vast land of Iran is the existence of high mountains as well as flat plains, desert areas, rivers and lakes contributing to unique geographical conditions in which, at any time of the year, and in each section of the country, one of the four seasons is visible. Thus, in winter, swimming and water skiing are possible in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and at the same time winter sports, like skiing are possible in the northern and western mountains of the country, while one can enjoy the pleasant spring weather along the shores of the Caspian Sea at the same time of the year. Therefore, we can say that Iran is one of the only countries in the world which has complete four seasons.

For example, we can cite the rail travel to Shirgah from Tehran as one of the most fantastic geotourist attractions in Iran. It is a one-day trip by train from Tehran to the destination of Shirgah, the capital of Savadkuh County in Mazandaran Province. Everyone can Take a trip tour by that train and enjoy the beautiful, fabulous and wonderful tourist attractions located on the way to Shirgah. You can see various tourist attractions on the railway such as historical places, astonishing natural landscapes and phenomena.

The train leaves Tehran Railway Station in the morning and as its first destination, it passes through the city of Shahr-e-Rey which is the oldest existing city in Tehran Province. In the classical era, it was a prominent city belonging to the Media, the political and cultural base of the Medes. Ancient Persian inscriptions and the Avesta (Zoroastrian scriptures), among other sources, attest to the importance of ancient Rey. The city has many historical and ancient attractions. As an example, Bahram Fire Temple (Rey Fire Temple or Mil Hill) dates back to the Sasanian Era and is located in Ray City (Shahr-e-Rey). 12 kilometers South East of Rey city toward Varamin, on the high hills of Ghal'eh Noe Village, there remains the ruins of the palace or the fire temple. This fire temple is located on a high hill which is called Mill Hill (Tappeh Mill) which literally means two iron bars on a hill.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Bahram Fire Temple

In addition, the Shah Abdol-Azim shrine is located in this city. The shrine contains the tomb of ‘Abdul ‘Adhīm ibn ‘Abdillāh al-Hasanī. Shah Abdol Azim was a fifth-generation descendant of Hasan ibn ‘Alī and a companion of Muhammad al-Taqī. He was entombed here after his death in the 9th century.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Shah Abdol-Azim shrine

Then, you can have eyes on Varamin’s plains and farmlands. Varamin is located in the southeast of Tehran province. Varamin has the best agricultural lands because of its appropriate geographical and climatic situation and fertile soil.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Varamin’s plains and farmlands

After Varamin’s plains and farmlands, the train arrives in the Garmsar desert. It has wonderful attractions such as the Rig-e Jenn area and Kavir National Park. Miniature or Martian Mountains are the main attractions of the Garmsar desert. You can enjoy the desert and its wonders even in autumn and winter because Iran is a four-season country.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Miniature or Martian Mountains

The train stops at Bonekuh train station and the tourists can visit this 100-year-old station with beautiful mountains around and spend some time there.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Bonekuh train station

During the trip to Shirgah on this railway, tourists can have eyes on Hoodoos or Hoodoo’s mountains. A hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock formed by erosion. Hoodoos typically consist of relatively soft rock topped by harder, the less easily eroded stone that protects each column from the elements. They generally form within sedimentary rock and volcanic rock formations.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
 Jinni chimney mountains

Simin Dasht, Zarin Dasht and Kabootar Dareh’s mountains are also on this mountainous railroad and they create fabulous perspectives.  

A lot of fruit gardens (mostly pomegranate gardens) are alongside the railroad and in the valley. Also, the only permanent river in Semnan province known as Hablehrood can be seen alongside the fruit gardens. Hablehrood is located northwest of Semnan and northeast of Tehran province and it originates from the Alborz and Shah Mohammad Qoleh and Homa mountain ranges at an altitude of about 2800 meters in the northeast of Firoozkooh.

Then the train stops in Shur Ab village in the Central District of Savadkuh County, Mazandaran Province. The travelers can get off the train and spend some time in the village and enjoy local food and take photos of the beautiful landscapes. The people in Shur Ab village are very hospitable and tourists can take pictures of the village and colored springs.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Railway bridge in Shur Ab village
Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
colorful springs in Shur Ab village
Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
landscapes of Shur Ab village 

The train also stops on the Veresk bridge for letting the travelers take pictures of beautiful landscapes. There are other bridges on which the train stops including the Kalantar bridge. Passengers are able to observe the entire train crossing Veresk railway bridge because of its ramp shape, the point that may not be seen on any other rail route around the world. The bridge also is among the first national cultural heritages of Iran registered in the UNESCO universal heritages list.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Veresk bridge

Furthermore, there are travertine springs alongside the railroad which create spectacular scenes for tourists to take pictures of.

In addition, the railway leads to the Hyrcanian forests of Shirgah and the train stops there for a while and everyone can enjoy a walk in the middle of the Hyrcanian forests. Then the train continues on the path passing by paddy fields. Finally, the train stops at Shirgah station in the middle of the forest and goes back to Tehran at late night.

Mustsee breathtaking sceneries from Tehran to Shirgah
Hyrcanian forests

Besides enjoying the spectacular perspectives and landscapes, the tour makes it possible for everyone on the train to know more about the history of the Tehran- Savadkuh railway. 

Reported by Amir Mohammad Yari & Payman Yazdani 

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