Beauties of Iran



  • یک قدم مانده به زمستان 2017-12-23 10:19

    By: Raheleh Hesari

    Golestan dabbed in Autumn colors

    GORGAN, Dec. 23 (MNA) – The northern cities of Iran, an all time favorite tourist destination, are especially more appealing for a short vacation now, with the nature clothed in a breathtaking display of autumn colors of red and yellow before the pure white of winter sets in.

  • طبیعت پاییزی گردنه حیران آستارا 2017-12-11 08:50

    By: Mehdi Hosseinnejadi

    Beautiful autumn nature of Heyran

    ASTARA, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Heyran mountain pass is one of the most famous tourist sites in the Astara area, Gilan province, because of its beautiful and accessible scenery.

  • طبیعت پاییزی در همدان 2017-11-28 13:25

    By: Reza Zanganeh

    Autumn beauty in Hamadan

    HAMADAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – The western province of Hamadan looks more beautiful in autumn. The woods below the hillsides look amazing in the villages Simin, Devin, Sarakan (Tuyserkan).

  • کوه نمک قم 2017-11-27 10:53

    By: Mohammad Bakhshi

    Wonderful salt dome in central Iran

    QOM, Nov. 27 (MNA) – The salt dome of Qom is located 15 kilometers away from the Qom-Jafarieh road in central Iran. With a small lake in its heart, the dome is considered a unique phenomenon.

  • قشم 2017-11-27 10:10

    By: Mina Ahmadi

    Iran's beautiful Qeshm Island

    TEHRAN, Nov. 27 (MNA) – Located between the opening of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, Qeshm Island is Iran's second free trade zone and a unique tourism hub. Qeshm has semi-equatorial climate and is hot and humid most of the year. The island experiences pleasant falls, mild winters and springs, and very hot summers.

  • طبیعت پاییزی روستای دشت ارژن 2017-11-25 13:23

    By: Abdollah Firouzi

    Autumn in Dasht-e Arzhan

    SHIRAZ, Nov. 25 (MNA) – Photos of autumn nature in Dasht-e Arzhan, a village in Fars province.

  • بارش برف پاییزی در تبریز 2017-11-25 10:04

    By: Ali Hamed Haghdoust

    1st autumn snow covers Tabriz

    TABRIZ, Nov. 25 (MNA) – First autumn snow blanketed Tabriz in East Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran.

  • گنبد 2017-11-17 10:14

    By: Mina Ahmadi

    Soltanieh Dome

    TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) – Soltanieh Dome was constructed in 10 years. Its construction included two eras: One included brick and tile while the other included plasterworks.

  • طبیعت شهرستان چابهار و کنارک 2017-11-12 09:46

    By: Barkazi, Khakizaei

    Nature of Konarak, Chabahar

    CHABAHAR, Nov. 12 (MNA) – Due to its location near the equatorial area, Chabahar has a slight temperature variation in the seasons of the year. This area is one of the best ocean shores of the country having the most temperate climate in the south of Iran.

  • جشن شکرانه انار 2017-11-05 15:49

    By: Mobin Paymankar

    Pomegranate Festival

    PAVEH, Nov. 05 (MNA) – Pomegranate trees with their bacciferous fruits have had ancient history in Iran. The people of Doudan village in Kermanshah province celebrated Pomegranate Thanksgiving Festival for the first time.

  • نفس‌های آرام باداب‌سورت 2017-11-05 15:34

    By: Amiral Razzaghi

    Badab-e Surt, Iran's terraced hot springs

    SARI, Nov. 05 (MNA) – Badab Soort is a natural site in Mazandaran province in northern Iran. It comprises a range of stepped travertine terrace formations that has been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside.

  • کویر سیازگه 2017-10-30 01:31

    By: Milad Rafat

    Beauty of desert; central Iran lowlands in frames

    TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) – Siazgah desert, located in Aran Bidgol County, Isfahan province of Iran, is one of the stunning corners of this country of various climates where you can find landscapes formed by sand, light, and sky. The sand dunes make up picturesque memories for tourists and visitors.

  • 7 2017-10-27 11:08

    By: Mina Ahmadi

    Abyaneh, an exceptional village

    TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – Abyaneh is mainly watered by Barzrud River. Set on the slope of the lofty mountain of Karkas, this village has a cold climate with numerous springs creating a favorable condition for agriculture.

  • سمفونی ابرها در آسمان فیلبند 2017-10-22 15:37

    By: Amir Ali Razzaghi

    Dance of clouds in Filband’s skyline

    FILBAND, Oct. 22 (MNA) – The village of Filband is a tourist attraction located in Bandpey district, Nowshahr County in Mazandaran Province, well-known for offering an enthralling and mesmerizing perspective of clustered clouds.

  • مسجد امام 2017-10-21 15:29

    By Maryam Azish

    Imam Mosque, Masterpiece of Architecture in Isfahan

    TEHRNA, October 21 (MNA) - The distinct feature of Persian domes, which separates them from those domes created in the Christian world or the Ottoman and Mughal empires, was the colorful tiles, with which they covered the exterior of their domes, as they would on the interior.

  • بارش برف در ساری 2017-10-07 11:50

    By: Amir Ali Razzaghi

    Early snow hits northern Iran

    Sari, Oct. 07 (MNA) – The first Autumn snow has covered Sari, capital of Mazandaran province in north of Iran, in white and dense fog. The northern city, which is known for its heavy rainfalls, has been having more snowy autumns and winters in the past few years.

  • کاروانسرای شاه عباسی ابوزیدآباد 2017-09-26 13:16

    By: Milad Rafat

    Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

    MEYBOD, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Shah Abbasi Caravanserai is a roadside inn, located in Meybod, Yazd, Iran, and is one of the important structures during Safavid era. The place is made of brick with four veranda method. The building is made up of covered passageways, exterior verandas, vestibule, central yard and one hundred rooms.

  • سمفونی رنگ ها 2017-09-10 16:05

    By: Farhad Safari

    Iranian nomads’ wedding ceremony, symphony of colors

    SHIRAZ, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Iranian nomads of Bakhtiari tribe celebrate their wedding ceremonies with clothes of diverse colors which make their parties as colorful as works of Jackson Pollock.

  • تخت سلیمان ، یادگاری به قدمت 3000 ساله 2017-08-19 10:48

    By: Aryan Nasrollahi

    Takht-e Soleymān, 3000-year-old relic

    TAKAB, Aug. 19 (MNA) – Located in a mountainous area of northwestern Iran and 42 kilometers north of the village of Takab, Takht-e Suleiman (the Throne of Solomon) is one of the most interesting and enigmatic sacred sites in Iran.

  • مسجد جامع نطنز 2017-08-14 10:40

    By: Milad Raf'at

    Natanz Central Mosque

    NATANZ, Aug. 14 (MNA) – Natanz Central Mosque is located near Sheikh Abdol Samad Isfahani Tomb in Isfahan province. Its dome house is a heritage of Al-e Bouyeh dynasty.

  • پاکسازی حاشیه تالاب استیل شهرستان مرزی آستارا 2017-07-14 12:08

    By: Mehdi Hosseinnejad

    Estil Lagoon in Astara

    TEHRAN, Jul. 14 (MNA) – Seven kilometers off the center of the city, Estil lagoon is located by the Astara–Talesh road. The 138 acre water is one of the top tourist attractions of Iran’s northern province of Gilan.

  • landscape 2017-07-09 22:15

    By: Mohammad Moheimany

    Minimal landscapes of Iran

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – Pictures recorded from natural landscapes and surrounding environments in Landscape and Minimal styles.

  • بندر تاریخی لافت 2017-07-02 23:50

    By: Farhad Safari

    Ancient Laft Port in Qeshm

    QESHM, Jul. 02 (MNA) – Laft Port with its ancient waterfront is situated on Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf. The port village is also known for its wells and wind-catchers.

  • اشتهارد 2017-06-30 14:24

    By: Aref Fathi

    Nature's magic in Eshtehard Desert

    TEHRAN, Jun. 30 (MNA) – Eshtehard Desert is located in Eshtehard, Alborz province. The place enjoys beautiful nature.

  • دشت گل های بابونه در اردبیل 2017-06-20 17:53

    By: Mohammad Dashti

    Chamomile plain in Ardebil

    ARDEBIL, Jun. 20 (MNA) – Chamomile is a well-known medicinal plant species from the Asteraceae family often referred to as the "star among medicinal species". Ardebil province enjoys a beautiful nature full of plains of Chamomile flowers.

  • جنگل فندقلو 2017-06-13 23:06

    By: Aydin Bakhtiari

    Fandoqlu Forest

    NAMIN, Jun. 13 (MNA) – Fandoqlu Forest has attracted many tourists with its amazing nature where the trees of hazel, wild apple, green tomato, medlar, quince, raspberries and strawberries cover all the parts of the forest.

  • جاذبه های گردشگری استان کرمانشاه 2017-05-12 13:26

    By: Leila Ghodratollahifard

    Kermanshah home to tourists destinations

    KERMANSHAH, May. 12 (MNA) – Kermanshah province, in the west of Iran, is home to around 4500 places and sites of attraction for tourists and 736 of these places have been registered in the national list of Iran’s historical heritage.

  • بافت سنتی خوانسار 2017-05-07 20:47

    By: Rahimi, Riazi

    Ancient city of Khansar

    KHANSAR, May 07 (MNA) – Khansar is a city located in Isfahan province. It dates back to pre-Islamic era. ‘Khan’ means spring and the suffix ‘Sar’ indicates plurality in traditional Persian. It is named ‘Khansar’ due to the large number of springs in the region in the past. The city has abundant natural and historical attractions.

  • دشت لاله های واژگون خوانسار 2017-05-04 14:19

    By: Mahmoud Rahimi

    Inverted tulips in Khansar

    KHANSAR, May 04 (MNA) – Inverted tulips in Khansar of Isfahan province grow at the foot of Golestan Kooh mountain. Its flowering begins in early May and ends at the end of Spring. These tulips have short life and has healing properties for rheumatism and joint pains.

  • کاروانسرای شاه عباسی لاسجرد 2017-05-03 20:21

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary

    SEMNAN, May 03 (MNA) – Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary is located in the village of Lasjerd in Semnan province, and dates back to Shah Abbas Safavid I.