Jun 18, 2022, 4:35 PM
The Mahpar brand is now online!

TEHRAN, Jun. 18 (MNA) – E-commerce is vital to the fashion industry. Over the last few years, and mainly after the pandemic, the number of brands that have gone online dramatically increased.

This happened hand in hand with the increase in the number of consumers who preferred to use online retailers for their fashion purchases. The larger number of consumers generated more revenue for brands and helped them rapidly grow their businesses. Statistics show that in 2019 and right before the pandemic hit industries, the fashion industry generated a revenue of 480 billion dollars worldwide using e-commerce infrastructures. This number is predicted to rise further to 713 billion dollars by the end of 2022. These statistics indicate why online shops are important for the fashion industry. After noticing this fact and similar to any other well-known and successful businesses in the market, Mahpar brand also went online

Mahpar: A brand for professional and chic women

Mahpar is an Iranian brand specializing in women's fashion. This brand is a successful retailer that provides different types of outfits for women, including workwear, maternity clothes, sport-related pieces, and casual wear. Mahpar produces high-quality, practical, chic, and modern clothes using state-of-art fashion techniques. This is the golden formula with which this brand could survive thus far in the super-competitive fashion industry. Although the fashion industry is hosting millions of brands worldwide, it is evident that only those who provide a character or a “wow” element can survive the market. Mahpar establishes its root in Iran's art and cultural elements and combines that with the needs of modern professional and chic women. As a result, this brand has turned into one of the main references for women's outfits that serve hundreds of thousands of customers. An online shop was Mahpar’s next step toward nourishing the brand. 

The Mahpar brand is now online!

Why did Mahpar brand go online?

Selling more is the dream of any business in the fashion industry, and Mahpar brand is not an exception in this regard. Generating more revenue is only possible by increasing the number of potential customers and getting in touch with large potential targets. E-commerce can break all the geographical-related barriers and put a brand on the radar of many more people. With an online shop, you can serve customers in any part of the country or world. In fact, studies have shown the fashion industry is heavily relying on E-commerce infrastructures. With online shops, people are willing to spend more time on a brand's website, which generates traffic. It is statistically proven that online customers also buy more products than in-shop consumers. 

Mahpar is a brand designed for professional women. This brand’s primary focus is on providing high-quality, comfortable, chic, and practical workwear for professional women with great value. Online shops and E-commerce provided this brand with an opportunity to present itself to a larger number of customers and, at the same time, provide itself the opportunity of serving more people. 

Multiple collections of different types of clothes

On the Mahpar online shop, you have access to multiple collections of different types of clothes. In particular, there are various collections related to workwear outfits, each of which covers a broad range of models and options. In addition to workwear, you can find different collections of clothes and accessories in this online shop. You can search your desired clothes or apply filters for sizes and range of prices on Mahpar online shop. This online shop also features comprehensive and precise instructions on size determination.

Mahpar brand

Following these instructions, you can secure your purchases with accurate sizes. On top of these, Mahpar is providing customer-oriented services on its online shop, including return policies. These details are essential features for online shops, and Mahpar has taken good care of them. Moreover, all your personal information, including your banking details, is secured with available technicalities and routines on this website. Hence, you can experience very safe shopping on this retailer's online website. 

Last but not least, Mahpar provides an updated blog on its website. This blog covers different topics, including the latest trends in fashion and tips on general styling or treating different fabrics. The content of this blog, which is updated regularly, can be a perfect reference for you to gain ideas and update your wardrobe. 

Why are online fashion shops popular?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that online shops are enormously popular among fashion shoppers, but why is that so? In what follows, we give some of the most evident reasons behind the popularity of E-commerce in the fashion industry:

The possibility of reading other people’s opinions: Online shops usually feature a comment section per product. In this section, other customers can leave comments and explain the quality of products and services they received from the brand. Reading these comments can be very useful for a smart purchase. You always miss this feature if you shop in physical stores. People usually do not talk with each other in these stores, and you can not see what previous customers think about the brand and products.

You can find your desired coat 

Saving time with filtering and customizing the results: Imagine that you are looking for a special coat with a particular color and model. To find it in physical stores, you need to spend a lot of time and energy browsing through available products. There is a high chance that you could not find your proper size or even the coat itself in physical stores. On the web, however, finding this coat is much easier. All you need to do is to apply proper filters on your search results to customize them. In other words, you can find your desired coat with only a few clicks. This can save an enormous amount of time and energy for you while providing you with the result you want

Mahpar, an online brand, provides a wide range of products related to women's fashion. This brand promotes self-confidence and power for women while cherishing quality, practicality, and beauty as the main essence of women’s life. Now that this brand is online, its message can be heard by a larger group of people, and many successful women can enjoy the standards Mahpar brings to their lives.

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