Expansion of ties with Syria, region top priority for Iran

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s vice president for parliamentary affairs said that Iran is seeking to implement all the agreements between Iran and Syria, adding the expansion of ties with Syria and other regional countries is top priority for Tehran.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the Iranian vice president for parliamentary affairs on Saturday held talks with Shafiq Dayoub, Syrian Ambassador to Tehran.

During the meeting, Hosseini said that Iran’s 13th administration under president Ebrahim Raeisi is seeking to expand cooperation with the region and neighboring countries as a top priority while pointing to Syria as one of Iran’s top priorities.

He noted that Iran considers itself as the companion to the Syrian people. He further described Syria as a strategic partner and ally.

Hosseini also said that Syria cooperated with Iran during Iran’s 8-year holy defense against the Iraqi Saddam regime in the 1980s when Hafez al-Assad was the Syrian president and in return, Iran helped the Syrian people and legitimate Syrian government against ISIL invasion.

Iran’s vice president for parliamentary affairs noted, “We are on the eve of the second anniversary of the martyrdom day of General Qassem Soleimani. He was the one who tied Iranian and Syrian people.”

Hosseini described the defeat of ISIL in Syria, Iraq and the region as a result of the Resistance movement adding that ISIL danger was not only limited to these countries since it was threatening the entire world. 

The Iranian vice-president further said Arabs, Europeans and the US used to support ISIL, and still, ISIL is trying to take haven in Afghanistan after the defeat in Syria and Iraq with the help of the Western powers.

He further noted that US and Westerns are trying to put the Syrian people and Government under economic and political pressure after their defeat in the country. 

Hosseini announced Iran’s readiness to cooperate on the reconstruction of Syria and continued that Iran and Syria had previously had some agreements on political and economic affairs that have been stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that the new Iranian administration is trying to implement the agreements.

He continued that just as the same way Iran helped Syria at the time of war is now ready to have serious cooperation on its reconstruction.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hosseini said, “We are hoping US military forces leave Syria and Iraq as soon as possible as they were forced to leave Afghanistan after 20 years. They are still stealing Syria’s oil and surprisingly the world does not condemn this US’s behavior.”

Hosseini pointed to the Zionist regime's aggression against Syrian territories, calling on the world community to react to the Zionist regime's actions.

He warned the sponsors of the terrorists, saying that their actions will not go unanswered. If Zionists are seeking to start a war and insecurity in Syria, it will backfire.


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