New post-coronavirus world order no longer western: Zarif

TEHRAN, Jul. 27 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that the new world order will no longer be completely Western after the coronavirus.

The live talks are now being broadcast through the Instagram account of the Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies, IRNA reported

The first episode of the online lectures named ‘The World in Transition’ is in English.

In the opening of his speech, he outlined many concepts prevailing the global political systems so far and said each of them has given way to the other in course of the time.

Recalling the previous changes in the world, he said that "we have seen the emergence of drastic changes and wars" in the international community.

Referring to "extremist unilateralism" as one of these concepts, he said that "all there are conceptual contexts the world experienced about the emerging new world."

He went on to note that "there are now many talks about post coronavirus order, exacerbation of current trend or emergence of new situations."

He also said that these purely western approaches fail to give us a full recognition of the newly emerging world order because this trend is not a western phenomenon.

Reviewing a multitude of developments leading to a revision of western-originated political systems, the Iranian foreign minister went through such periods as the cold war, the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the triumph of the Islamic revolution in Iran and then the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

He said Iran suffered many global aggressive moves because it chose to move outside the accepted framework of western policies at that time.

He said all these developments had rigid effects on the world order.

Commenting on "the US advantage in the military area which made it possible for it to be a global leader", he said if you look at the administration that came to rule the US after the collapse of the USSR, they all resorted to using of force because they wanted to institutionalize their own version of world order.

The same way, he went on to note, the US administration, including President Trump and his Foreign Secretary Pompeo, want to securitize even the coronavirus outbreak and they insist on calling it the China virus.

This is a bit childish but in reality, it follows the same policy of making everything a security issue, Zarif added.

The miscalculations have led to terrorism and extremism in the world, he further noted.

The reason is because of not understanding the notion of the transition, he pointed out.

He named Saddam, Gaddafi, and the US as the powers that made some miscalculations in the transition era.

Zarif earlier said that one of the questions that have crossed the mind of politicians, the intellectuals and people of all over the world, is about global developments. What will happen to the world?

Approximately, 30 years ago the bipolar regime, which reigned in the world for several decades, crumbled and the transition period kicked off, he noted.

Intense efforts to shape the new order still continue and have become more intense with the outbreak of the coronavirus, he further noted.

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