Consequences of Zionists’ dangerous project in West Bank

TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) – Annexing parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories have severe consequences for Jordan and the country will most probably oppose this Israeli move.

After the formation of the new cabinet and gaining the vote of confidence from the parliament, the Israeli regime's officials are more focused on the project of annexing parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories in an attempt to expand their occupation.

Jordanian officials, and most importantly King Abdullah II, have issued a stern verbal threat against the Zionist regime that the possibility of a clash between Israel and Jordan highly increases if the Zionist Regime implements the annexation.

The Zionists have also taken these threats seriously and have already expressed their deep concern in their media outlets about the possibility of their implementation.

It seems that the Jordanians are more sensitive than ever to the annexation of these areas to the occupied territories, as this move by the Zionist regime will have very serious consequences for Jordan.

Consequences of the annexation of parts of the West Bank for Amman

Bad economic conditions and the imposition of a new burden

Jordan is currently grappling with a fragile economy amid the spread of the coronavirus on the one hand and the displacement of refugees on the other. Jordanians have repeatedly called on the international community to provide them with financial support.

In the case of implementing this project, hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of Palestinians will move from major cities to Jordan, making it an alternative country. This will have far-reaching economic consequences for Jordan, which currently is unable to solve its economic problems, and after that will face an unprecedented crisis.

Jordan's security threat and cutting ties with the Palestinian territory

The Jordan Valley is a strategic region that makes up 30 percent of the West Bank. The Zionists are striving to turn Jordan into an alternative country for the Palestinians and sever ties between Jordan and the Palestinian territories. Jordan currently shares a 600-kilometer border with occupied Palestine, and the Zionists will not be able to protect this border no matter how much military equipment, drones, and cameras they utilize.

Jordan's sovereignty threat regarding Islamic sanctities

One of the issues that Jordan emphasizes is the establishment of Jordanian sovereignty over Islamic sanctities in Palestine. The Israeli move regarding the expansion of its occupation circle within the framework of the Deal of the Century can overshadow this sovereignty, and this issue is considered the red line of the Jordanians and they are not willing to back down in any way.

The Zionist attempt to annex parts of the West Bank is considered the first step in the implementation of the Deal of the Century, in which Jordan's role in supporting Islamic sanctities in Palestine is virtually diminished and is being replaced by Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has worked hard in this regard, which is reflected in the Deal of the Century.

The consequences of Tel Aviv's outrageous move against the West Bank

1.Abolishing the peace treaty and endangering the eastern borders

The Zionists intend to add more than 130 settlements of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley and the strip between Lake Tiberias and the Dead Sea to the Occupied Territories, thus creating new eastern borders between the Occupied Territories and Jordan.

This move is one of the most significant results of the US Deal of the century, which was unveiled by the US government in Jan. 2020. According to the plan, a small Palestinian state will be formed as an archipelago that is connected by bridges and tunnels. Moreover, the occupied Jerusalem will be the center of the Zionist regime, and the west bank of the Jordan River will be under Tel Aviv's control.

One of the most important measures that Jordan can adopt in response to the Israeli occupation is the cancellation of the peace agreement with the regime. The emergence of any disruption between the two countries is a severe blow to Israel’s internal security.

According to the peace treaty, the Jordanians have kept the eastern borders of the occupied territories calm and prevented threats against the Zionist regime in the region. If parts of the West Bank are annexed to the Occupied Territories, these borders will no longer be secure, and Jordan will not take any responsibility for threats against the Zionist regime from the Eastern Front. This has raised serious security concerns among Israeli military institutions.

2. Negative global stances against the Zionist regime

It is true that the United States, led by Donald Trump, strongly supports the actions of the Zionist regime and even the annexation of parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories, however, we must not forget that many countries, especially Europeans and EU institutions, strongly oppose the Israeli move.

If Israel takes this step, in addition to negative stances and reactions, it will face punitive measures by other countries, especially the Europeans. Although these measures, such as reducing political ties or economic exchanges, are possibly limited, they will have a negative impact on the Zionist regime and its position.

3. Increasing internal political differences in the Zionist regime

Although many Israeli officials, such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are seeking to annex parts of the West Bank, many groups, figures, analysts, and the military commanders are strongly against this move.

They believe that Netanyahu's actions are more propagandistic than pro-Zionist, therefore, his position among the Zionists has been severely shaken. Due to his corruption, Netanyahu is trying to implement this project in order to gain popularity among the Zionists.

After three parliamentary elections and failure to form a new cabinet, Netanyahu has had an intense political period and many analysts maintain that he must abandon politics.

4. The possibility of US withdrawing and leaving Tel Aviv alone against the world

It is true that the United States is not opposed to annexing parts of the West Bank to the Occupied Territories, however, we should not forget that the Americans have repeatedly expressed concern regarding the consequences of this action, especially on the Deal of the Century.

The Zionists are also deeply concerned about the possibility of a change in the US position, especially in recognizing the annexation of these settlements. This means that the regime will be left alone against the opposing parties, especially Jordan, Palestine, and the European Union.

Americans, including Trump's adviser Jared Kushner, have called on Netanyahu not to rush into the project, as it could generally sidestep the debate over the implementation of all the terms of the Deal of the Century at least for a while. Moreover, Jordan, which has so far stated its official opposition to the Deal, will no longer play a role in the puzzle if the Zionist project against the West Bank is implemented.

But why did the Zionists choose the current condition for the annexation of the West Bank? The World is now struggling with the spread of coronavirus and public opinion is diverted to this issue. Israel is taking advantage of the pandemic and has carried out one of the most intense and extensive construction processes so far which indicates a 600 percent increase in the last four months.

5. The growing possibility of a third intifada in Palestine

The Zionist project in the West Bank could trigger a third Intifada in Palestine, and this could significantly jeopardize the security of the Regime. The possibility of dissolving the Palestinian National Authority and canceling the Oslo Accord are other consequences that Israel will face if its project is implemented.

In any case, it seems that the seriousness of the Jordanian authorities in carrying out their threats on the one hand and the cooperation of the Jordanian people with their sovereignty over the Palestinian issue and against the Zionist regime on the other can prevent the Zionists' project from being materialized. Just as the Jordanians recaptured their lands in Naharayim and al-Ghamr from the Zionists.

By Fatemeh Salehi

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