Iran's advisory HQ in Syria requires Turkey to act reasonably

TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – In a statement on Sunday, Iran's Advisory Headquarters in Syria asked Turkey to act reasonably in Idlib and respect benefits of the Syrian nation.

In its statement, the headquarters, located in north Syria, referred to Turkey's continuous artillery attacks on its positions and asked Ankara to act reasonably.

The statement follows:

1. We collaborated with Syrian military on freeing M5 road. After that, forces of IRGC and Lebanon's Hezballah cooperated with Resistance forces on providing services to inhabitants of the freed region.

2. Armed forces, backed by Turkey, targeted the Syrian military bases following the freedom of said areas. To prevent re-occupation of M5 road, we resumed cooperation with Syrian military.

3. As of our presence in Syria, Turkish bases have been within our gunshot but according to Astana agreement, they have not been attacked.

4. In the past four recent days, terrorist forces and foreign ones, from Tajikstan, Al Nusra front and al-Turkistani, have started attacks on Syrian military bases. Our forces have stood beside Syrians to impede re-occupation of the freed lands. 

5. Turkish military started airstrikes and bombardment of our positions. We sent a mediator to Turks to stop such unacceptable measures and behavior.

6. The mediators told the Turkish military that, under its support, terrorists have attacked our bases and that we confronted them standing beside the Syrian military. But Turks did not pay any attention to our remarks and continued their airstrikes. Some of our forces have been martyred, so far.

7. Syrian military's artillery fired back to respond. Our mediators re-announced Turks that we do not seek confrontation with the Turkish military and our commanders believe in a diplomatic resolution of the crisis.

8. On Sunday morning, to protect Turkish soldiers' lives, we informed our forces not to hit Turkish bases in Idlib, while Turkey continued its artillery attacks on our bases and those of the Syrian military.

9.  Iran's advisory headquarters in Syria urges Turkey to act reasonably in Idlib and consider the benefits of the Syrian nation. We, hereby, inform the Turkish nation that their children have been within our gunshot in the past recent month. We could take our revenge but our commanders have prevented such a measure. We required the Turkish nation to make its officials prevent Turkish soldiers from being killed.

10. Despite the current tough conditions, we underscore again that we will remain beside the Syrian nation, military, and government, until making terrorists leave their country.

Iran has earlier announced that it is carefully monitoring the field developments and regional outcomes of the developments in Idlib, and will continue our efforts to end the current tensions.


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