Sanders’s poll growing again

TEHRAN, Dec. 16 (MNA) – Sanders 'leading in the Democratic intra-party election is bad news for Donald Trump and Sanders' opponents in the Democratic Party.

 The results of recent Democratic camp polls have heightened the party's concern over Bernie Sanders' victory in the intra-party election race.

According to a recent poll by US Berkeley, Bernie Sanders has outpaced other Democratic candidates in the key state of California. Sanders has been able to garner 24 percent of the state's Democratic voters in a recent poll, published in the Los Angeles Times.

After Sanders, Elizabeth Warren won with 22 percent of the vote. In September poll released by the institute about two months ago, Warren won with 29 percent of the vote.

Joe Biden, with 14 percent, is the third-choice for  California’s  Democrats. The results of the poll are a disaster for Biden and to some extent for Warren. Polls show that they have largely lost popularity with their respective party supporters over the past two months.

Sanders is the first choice of students

The story does not end there. According to a report published by Newsweek, Bernie Sanders has become the first choice of American students. This is a danger for both Trump and other Democratic candidates. The <New Axios >vpolls shows that Bernie Sanders' electoral and political thoughts and programs are favored by 22.5 percent of American students. After Sanders, Trump has a 17.3 percent popularity among American students. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden rank third and fourth, with 15.9 and 12.3 percent, respectively.

Joe Biden had the biggest drop in votes. In previous surveys, he had become the most popular candidate among the students with 19% of the votes. However, Joe Biden has now fallen to fourth place and many of His votes have been changed to the benefit of Sanders. Now Trump and Biden feel Sanders' shadow more clearly.

It should be noted that the Emerson Institute's nationwide poll also showed a tangible increase in Sanders' vote in November. Sanders was able to win with  27 percent of Democratic supporters across the United States. Biden is next to Sanders at exactly the same rate, and Warren is next in line. Bernie Sanders has emphasized that his "Medicare for all" plan would be more comprehensive and applicable than other similar proposals mentioned by Democrats. Sanders also emphasizes supporting workers' rights against employers and adjusting the taxes to the benefit of the poor.

Trump and Biden worry about Sanders' lead

It is undoubtedly bad news for Donald Trump and Sanders' opponents in the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Trump's main concern comes from a recent poll by the Axios Institute. The President of the United States is well aware that students play a key role in the campaigns of the 2020 Presidential Elections. This issue could change the process of competition for Sanders' benefit. However, Sanders has repeatedly stated that he will have a tough route to win the Democratic intra-party election. Sanders' primary concern now is winning the  Democratic primary competition. 

If he can beat Iowa and New Hampshire over rivals such as Biden, Jeb Bush, and Warren, his path to eventual victory in next year's presidential race will be clear. However, if Sanders fails in these early and crucial races against his rivals, the wave of public and state support may be subsiding. Moreover, it must be remembered that, in addition to Donald Trump, the Democratic party will take any action to confront him. This was also evident during the 2016 presidential election: Where Democratic Party leaders clashed (part of which came in the  Hillary Clinton's e-mail disclosure)   and set the stage for Sanders' defeat and the victory of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sanders' fierce battle with Democratic and Republican rivals
In his remarks, Trump has repeatedly accused Bernie Sanders of old age, inability to handle US domestic and foreign affairs and even called him a "crazy old man." However, Sanders' growth has shown that he has succeeded in persuading a significant portion of American voters (mostly Democrats or independents). Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly have a tough fight within his own party in the coming months (both with the party leaders and with the intra-party rivals).


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