Europe must dare to take risks if it wants to save JCPOA

TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – In an interview with the NRC, Iranian Deputy FM Abbas Araghchi said the 2015 nuclear pact can still be saved, but then Europe must dare to stick its neck out.

Europe should make a little more effort to save the nuclear agreement with Iran, which it says it wants to continue, said Araghchi.

"I want to underline that one of the lessons we learn from the issue with the JCPOA [the nuclear agreement] is that the result of the deal and its compliance with it is apparent that new sanctions have been imposed. If so, we may have to change our approach. How? I can't say that yet. Another lesson is that resistance pays more than a willingness to cooperate."

In what do you think Europe has failed?

"It is completely legitimate and legal to trade with Iran. Yet European companies have withdrawn after the US sanctions. The European countries say they want to hold on to the JCPOA, but Europe has shown itself unable or unwilling to resist American hegemony over the financial system. I prefer that Europe defends its sovereignty and creates a fund to protect its own companies if they are punished by the US, even though they trade legitimately with Iran. Europeans should make more sacrifices. Everything has a price. As an old saying goes in Iran: you can't go swimming if you don't want to get wet.”

Do you still see opportunities to keep the JCPOA alive?

"I see an opportunity if the other side fully complies with the agreement. Iran has already paid its share, now the other participants must do the same. We have accepted to limit our nuclear program. We have come under a policy of maximum pressure from the US. We suffer from sanctions. Practical solutions must be devised to get rid of the sanctions. "

Referring to efforts of French President Macron to save the deal, Araghchi said "We appreciate what he does. But the big question is whether the US will participate. In all honesty I don't see any great opportunities now. "

And does Iran want to talk about a more extensive agreement, as many in the US hope?

"No, we are not going to renegotiate the JCPOA. And we are not going to negotiate our missile program anyway. Missiles are essential for our safety. "


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