Rising corruption among Zionist regime’s top officials

TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – Corruption has become remarkably widespread among top officials of the Zionist regime. After news about corruption of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, now one of the ministers in his cabinet resigned due to corruption charges.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife are charged with financial corruption, but the story doesn’t end here. Now, the regime’s Department of Justice has accused Welfare Minister Haim Katz of serious charges including fraud and breach of trust. 71-year old Katz is now faced with graft charges and accusations that he has misused important classified information by giving them to some of his business managers in order to gain financial benefits.

Katz is a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and has served in his current post since 2015.

According to reports of Hebrew-language news agencies, Katz is the fifth minister of the regime that has been charged with corruption. The other officials in the list are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman and Minister of Communications Dudi Amsalem.

Netanyahu himself and his wife Sara are faced with serious financial corruption charges which has caused a big scandal.

Earlier in June, an Israeli court convicted Netanyahu’s wife Sara of misusing public funds. She was fined for misusing up to $100,000 of regime’s funds.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also charged with four different cases of financial corruption and bribery. In case 1000, Netanyahu was investigated for accepting money and expensive gifts from rich businessmen.

In case 2000, he was charged with allegations that he had tried to make a surreptitious deal with a Zionist newspaper so that the newspaper portrays him in an unfairly positive light in 2014.

Case 3000 is about Netanyahu’s financial corruption in regard to a deal for purchasing submarines for the regime.

Case 4000 is the most serious case against Netanyahu. According to this case, Netanyahu is suspected with having provided the communication conglomerate Bezeq with illegally favorable business deals and financial aids, so that Walla news agency, which is affiliated with Bezeq, will give him more favorable reporting.

Regarding Netanyahu’s failure in forming a new cabinet, it is expected that he will have a hard time winning the next elections which will be held in mid-September.

Following the criminal investigations, Netanyahu is now trying to plead for immunity from prosecution especially in his corruption charges; but it seems that the residents of the occupied lands have become aware of his attempts because recently thousands of inhabitants took to the streets to condemn Netanyahu for seeking legal immunity to avoid facing charges.

It must be noted that Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of the Zionist regime was also convicted with financial corruption. He was the only Zionist Prime Minister who was found guilty over financial corruption charges and was incarcerated from February 2016 to July 2017. Apparently, the Israeli officials are having a tight competition in getting into financial and moral corruption.

Recently, another Zionist official was involved in a big scandal. Pictures showed Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister and Minister of Defense with covered face going to the house of a former American billionaire who was charged with sex trafficking. 

It seems that the residents of occupied lands are starting to seriously doubt the competency of the officials and the policies they adopt. It seems that the regime is having a very unstable status right now, many officials are involved in widespread financial and moral corruptions, the dissatisfaction is growing among residents, the Palestinian resistant groups are gaining more power and many Israeli inhabitants are now exposed to the missiles of the Palestinian resistant groups.

It is also noteworthy that Israeli diplomats and ambassadors all around the world have now gone on a strike in protest to the financial policies of the government. According to several news agencies, this is the first time in the history of Tel Aviv that ambassadors go on such a serious strike and this can mean that the front line of the Zionist regime is starting to collapse.

Finally, it seems that the widespread financial corruption in the regime and the unstable internal situation can prepare the ground for Palestinian resistant groups to gain more military power against the Zionist enemy and expand their resisting and defensive operations in order to show their superiority over the falling Zionist regime. 


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