Iran surpasses 3.67% uranium enrichment today: AEOI spox

TEHRAN, Jul. 08 (MNA) – Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Behrooz Kamalvandi announced on Monday that Iran has gone beyond the 3.67 percent limit of uranium enrichment.

Referring to 20-percent-enrichment as discussed options in Iran’s program for scaling down its commitments to JCPOA, Kamalvandi said that “We have been waiting for two months [as of the 60-day ultimatum to Europe]. The second phase of Iran's retaliatory actions began yesterday. Of course, it was after one year of patience for the other party to fulfill its JCPOA obligations, but proper actions had not been taken in the said time. So, according to the decision of the Iranian President and the head of the Supreme National Security Council, the second step to increase the level of enrichment beyond 3.67 percent is taken.”

“Today, Iran submitted a report of the limit exceeding to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” he said, “and if they take samples they will find out that we have gone beyond the 3.67 percent limit.”

“Increasing the enriched stockpile above 300 kilograms is a time-consuming procedure but increasing the enrichment level is not  and the job has been done just in few hours,” he said.

He underlined Iran’s decisiveness in doing its wills saying that the country is not to fulfill its JCPOA commitments unilaterally.

He reiterated that in case other JCPOA signatories start to meet their obligations, Iran will immediately snap back its commitments to the deal.

Addressing Iran’s third step about reducing its JCPOA commitments, Kamalvandi admitted that it will not be a stubborn measure but a reasonable one  based on the country’s technical requirements.

He added that Iran is not in need for 20 percent enrichment but there would be no obstacle for it to do so if it feels the need.

The official named selling oil, establishing banking ties and transactions, and removal of trade barriers among the main demands of Iran from the Europeans.

Government spokesperson Ali Rabiei said on Monday that Iran’s move to increase the level of uranium enrichment over the 3.67 percent limit is according to the country’s economic needs and is of a ‘deeply peaceful’ nature.

“Increasing the level of enrichment is in line with our needs for economic development and is of a deeply peaceful nature,” Government spokesperson Ali Rabiei said in a tweet after Iran announced further reductions to JCPOA commitments as its 60-day deadline for the European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal expired.

Rabiei went on to add, “the Leader’s fatwa on a decisive ban on all shapes and forms of weapons of mass destruction at all stages (possession, storage and proliferation) serves as our guideline. Iran, based on this fatwa, is at the front line of making efforts for a Middle East and a world free from nuclear weapons.”


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