Iran warns US of blocking Iran’s oil exports; 'stop it or face the consequences'

TEHRAN, July 03 (MNA) – The Iranian president has said that the US cannot go ahead with its plan of stemming Iran’s oil exports, calling on the American to go ahead with their plans if they can.

"The Americans claim that they want to completely block Iran's oil exports to zero but they don't understand what they are saying because it does not make sense that Iran's oil cannot be exported, while region's oil is exported," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on a visit to Switzerland while addressing a group of Iranian living in Switzerland on Monday evening.

According to Iranian Presidency’s official website, Rouhani said "the main goal of the United States by imposing sanctions is to put pressure on people. They claim that they want to put pressure on the Iranian government, but when they apply sanctions on people's basic needs like medicine, who will be put under pressure?"

Referring to nuclear negotiations and the great achievement that was to the interest of both sides, he added "following the implementation of this agreement, our country's interaction and economic and scientific exchanges with the world boosted and billions of dollars of investment were made by Iranians living outside the country in different fields."

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed based on Iran and world's interests,” said Rouhani adding "Iran's logic hasn't changed; one party, whose goal is to put pressure on the Iranian nation, has withdrawn from the deal unilaterally."

Elsewhere, Rouhani called on Iranians everywhere to unite against the enemies’ plots and help the development of the country, saying “"if we are, the enemy will hatch more plots and it is our duty to work more for our people's welfare and development.”

“The government is trying to realize national goals with unity and people's support. Since the beginning of the 11th government we told all our foreign parties that if you speak with the Iranian nation with respect and logic, we can resolve issues with logic and consultation and if you prefer threatening, pressure and humiliation, it will never work," the Iranian president said.

Referring to claims that Iran is spending its income on sponsoring those whom the Americans call terrorists, President Rouhani said "we will continue to be transparent. The Iranians are the best supervisor. In recent days, the Central Bank has published a list of all importers that have received 13 billion dollars, and publishing the details of 1397 budget was not easy. Iran's incomes and expenses are clear, so their claim is unfounded."

"To fight corruption, there is no supervisory authority higher than the people themselves and the people are the best supervisor of the implementation of the law and all authorities must be accountable to people," he continued.

He also said "when investment in Iran faces hurdles, development of industries that have enjoyed it, increasing non-oil income, will be disrupted. The result of putting pressure on banking and insurance relations will be on people."

He went on to refer to the achievements in the past 5 years in the fields of petrol, gas and diesel production, as well as development of healthcare services, tourism, transit, the cyberspace and the like, saying "as representatives of the Iranian nation, Iranians residing outside the country can lend a hand to Iranians in Iran to develop investment and promote scientific and business relations."

"Iranians have never surrendered to foreign pressure and will never do so. Didn’t Americans shoot down Iran's airliner 30 years ago? Didn't they attack Iran's oil platform during the war? Didn't they take over Iran's ordinary logistic ship? Were they successful to make Iranians surrender with these crimes," Rouhani added.

He further said "today that there is a new pressure on the Iranian people and society, all Iranians should stand together and increase efforts for the greatness of Iran."


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