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  • نیروی دریایی 2017-11-28 16:05

    Pres. Rouhani lauds Nat. Navy Day  

    TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – In a message to commemorate the National Navy Day on Nov. 28, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lauded the Navy for its outstanding role in safeguarding the country and contributing to its might in international waters.

  • Iran opposes any separatist move in Iraq: defense minister 2017-11-27 15:20


    Defense Ministry to further support Navy

    TEHRAN, Nov. 27 (MNA) – In a message to commemorate the National Navy Day, Iranian defense minister announced that his ministry will do its best to equip the country’s Army Navy with more advanced technology.

  • Jose Claveria De Venecia 2017-11-25 19:39

    Philippines pushing for Shia-Sunni dialogue

    TEHRAN, Nov. 25 (MNA) –The special envoy of Philippine President Duterte for intercultural dialogue, is pushing for talks between Sunni and Shia Muslims, no matter how “difficult”, “slim” and “almost impossible” it may sound.

  • Bahram Ghasemi 2017-11-22 19:11

    FM rejects claim of Tunisia mediating between Iran, KSA

    TEHRAN, Nov. 22 (MNA) – Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the claim that Tunisia has requested to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  • فیلم پری دریایی 2017-11-20 15:39

    ‘Mermaid’ nominated for 2 awards at 7th intl. presence

    TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) – Iranian feature movie ‘Mermaid’, directed by Amir Masoud Aghababaeian, will go to the competition section of Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes.

  • Bahram Ghasemi 2017-11-17 12:47


    France’s one-sided look at ME puts crisis on hold

    TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) –  Iran FM spokesperson said France takes up a one-sided approach to humanitarian crises and disasters in the Middle East which, willingly or not, will help to actualize potential crises.

  • امیر عبداللهیان 2017-11-15 21:32

    Iran discontent with anti-Qatar measures of PG states

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Special aide of Iranian Parliament Speaker Amir-Abdollahian told Qatari Ambassador to Tehran, Ali al-Sulaiti, that Iran is discontent with Saudi measures against Qatar.

  • دربی ۸۵ام پایتخت 2017-10-27 13:17

    By: Asgaripour, Abbasi

    Persepolis vs Esteghlal highlights

    TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – Persepolis defeated its arch-rival Esteghlal football team thanks to a goal from Ali Alipour on Thursday. Persepolis is now second with 20 points in Iran Professional League (IPL) and Esteghlal stayed 13th in the table with just nine point from 10 games.

  • حمید بعیدی نژاد 2017-10-19 14:47

    UK Foreign Ministry had ordered use of “Persian Gulf”

    TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) – Iran’s ambassador to London said the Foreign Ministry of UK has issued an official instruction set on using the term “Persian Gulf” in a confidential document.

  • افتتاح نمایشگاه خلیج فارس 2017-10-17 11:54

    By: Iman Hamikhah

    Persian Gulf Exhibition kicks off

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – The Persian Gulf Exhibition, where the portrait of Marty Mohammad Ahmadi was unveiled, was held Mon. in Soureh Cultural & Art Institute.

  • آيت الله هاشمی شاهرودی ، رئيس مجمع تشخيص مصلحت نظام 2017-10-14 21:50

    Trump distortion of history, political joke: Ayat. Shahroudi

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi the Chairman of the Expediency Council denounced US President Trump’s manipulation of historic facts.

  • امیر عبداللهیان 2017-10-14 18:59

    Mr. Trump! Don’t return US to age of savagery: Amir-Abdollahian

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Hossein Amir-Abdolahian, Parliament's General Director for International Affairs, reacted to US President Trump’s Friday speech against Iran.

  • تجمع اعتراضی دانشجویان دانشگاه امیرکبیر در اعتراض به سخنرانی ضد ایرانی رئیس جمهور امریکا 2017-10-14 17:20

    By: Majid Asgaripour

    Iranian students angry with Trump’s anti-Iran speech

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – A group of students at Amir Kabir University in Tehran, convened at the site of the grove of unnamed martyrs at the campus of the academy to stage their protest against the anti-Iran rhetoric of Trump in his Friday speech. Trump’s reference to Persian Gulf with the title fabricated in 1950s have stirred anger among all Iranians all over the world. Social media users in Iran are now using hashtags that say #nevertrustUSA and #IranKeepspromises in their reactions to Trump's speech.

  • خلیج تا ابد فارس 2017-10-14 11:06

    By: Farshforoush, Moheimany, Mohsenifar

    Persian Gulf Forever

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Persian Gulf is the world 3rd largest gulf, about which there are some printed documents from the Achaemenid Persian Empire era of Darius (550-330 BC). Several outstanding national figures in different areas including arts, politics, science and culture have participated in the event to explore the historical roots of the Persian Gulf, its geopolitical and strategic significance and its universal importance as an energy hub.

  • zarif 2017-10-14 10:04


    Trump’s geography for sale to highest bidder

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif reacting to Trump’s falsification of the name Persian Gulf said the US president’s geography is "for sale to the highest bidder".

  • رژه دریایی نیروی دریایی شناور تندرو 2017-10-08 14:12

    IRGC stages naval parades in Persian Gulf

    BUSHEHR, Oct. 08 (MNA) – Various units of IRGC Navy staged a parade in the Persian Gulf on Sun. concurrent with the martyrdom anniversary of IRGC commander Nader Mahdavi who was killed in 1987 by American forces during patrol.

  • zarif reporters 2017-10-04 09:33

    FM Zarif:

    Iran shares close views on Yemen with Oman, Qatar

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said Tue. that Omani and Qatari officials have shared his views on the need for putting an immediate end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

  • ظریف هواپیما 2017-10-02 09:06

    FM Zarif departs for Oman, Qatar

    TEHRAN, Oct. 02 (MNA) – Iranian FM Zarif has left Tehran for Oman's capital Muscat and will follow it up with a visit to Qatar as part of his two-nation tour to Persian Gulf littoral states aimed at holding talks with senior officials on regional developments.

  • نیروی دریایی 2017-09-10 15:29

    Iran issues warning to US Navy vessel

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – An Iranian commander issued a warning to an American Navy ship after it changed course and approached Iranian vessels.

  • ترامپ و امیر قطر 2017-09-08 12:43

    Qatari Amir, Trump discussed PG diplomatic crisis

    TEHRAN, Sep. 08 (MNA) – The US President Donald Trump and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani spoke over the phone about the Persian Gulf crisis.

  • سرلشکر باقری 2017-09-05 17:19

    Iran’s coordination with US navy in Persian Gulf, ridiculous: General

    TEHRAN, Sep. 05 (MNA) – Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, turned down Americans’ request for coordination in the Persian Gulf.

  • ریل قطار  -  راه آهن - قطار باری 2017-08-26 16:26

    Rail freight transit up by 75%

    TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – Deputy head of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said volume of rail freight transit has increased by 57 per cent since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 21).

  • oil layer 2017-08-20 14:08

    Iran deploys 2mn barrels of SPOL crude to East Asia

    TEHRAN, Aug. 20 (MNA) – Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum announced that four crude consignments recovered from South Pars Oil Layer (SPOL) with an overall volume of two million barrels have been shipped to East Asian markets.

  • Karun River 2017-08-16 14:43

    Japan to assist Iran in water management

    TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Head of JICA’s office in Iran said it was essential to implement upstream management projects in Karun Dam given the significance of Karun river in southwest Iran.

  • سپاه 2017-08-15 09:50

    IRGC to continue drone patrols in Persian Gulf

    TEHRAN, Aug. 15 (MNA) – Public Relations Office of IRGC’s drone unit based in the Persian Gulf said airborne patrols will be carefully and uninterruptedly pursued within Iran’s ADIZ.

  • Iran Qatar 2017-08-13 13:45

    Tehran, Doha to tighten economic ties

    TEHRAN, Aug. 13 (MNA) – An export official said Qatar was eager to by Iranian products and was holding talks on expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries.

  • iran navy 2017-07-29 12:39

    IRGC raps US repeat of ‘provocative move’ in Persian Gulf

    TEHRAN, Jul. 29 (MNA) – Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has slammed US Navy for another display of a "provocative and unprofessional” move in the past week in the Persian Gulf.

  • تخت روانچی 2017-07-26 09:43

    Iran, Croatian deputy FMs discuss bilateral ties, regional issues

    TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – Croatian Assistant Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Bakota met Iranian Deputy FM Majid Takht-Ravanchi to discuss issues of mutual interest as well as the latest development in the region, Persian Gulf and southeast Europe.

  • شناور 2017-07-23 10:35

    S Arabian vessel seizured in Bushehr waters

    TEHRAN, Jul. 23 (MNA) – An official at Bushehr Province Fisheries Directorate General said IRGC's Second Naval Zone forces have captured a Saudi boat upon entry into Iran’s waters in the Persian Gulf.

  • hendurabi 2017-07-18 15:01

    VP inaugurates airport, harbor at Hendurabi island

    TEHRAN, Jul. 18 (MNA) – Iran’s First Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri officially opened the airport and harbor of Hendurabi Island in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday morning.