‘UN resolution on al-Quds; big no of world to US’

TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (MNA) – Major General Seyyed Hassan Aghaei Firouzabadi issued a statement on Saturday condemning Trump’s decision about al-Quds and hailing the big vote of UNGA.

"The big no delivered by 128 big countries of the world to US at the United Nations and the full-fledged defense for the legitimate rights of Palestinian to have the holy city of al-Quds [Jerusalem] as the capital of Palestinian is a milestone in political history of the world,” said Major General Seyyed Hassan Aghaei Firouzabadi in a statement on Saturday.

“US realized that it was no longer the world's autocrat superpower,” said the former chief of staff of Iranian Armed Forces. “Nevertheless, Nicky Haley continues to set up plots; one day, a funny show about Yemeni missiles and accusing Iran based on no reason, and another day a single nay vote in the Security Council, which faced the pounding response of the UN,” asserted the Iranian official.

"The Americans should accept the fact that it has been years that they have been dethroned from the authority of ruling the global village, and it is no use to pretend to still have that power,” Mr. Firouzabadi advised the American politicians.

“They have to abide by the international law unless they would fall down in the dangerous path they are undertaking. Also the Arab states of the region should get themselves aligned with the other countries of the region. Saudis and Emiratis have to stop their single drive in Yemen. They should know that cooperating with the Zionists will bring them no benefit. They’d better return to the arms of Islam and keep the Islamic unity,” noted Mr. Firouzabadi.

The UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution on Thursday against the recent decision of Tramp to recognize the occupied al-Qods as the capital of the Zionist regime.

The US vetoed the draft on Monday at a meeting of the Security Council, which was held to discuss Egypt's draft resolution on al-Quds.

The 14 member states of the Security Council voted yes to the draft resolution proposed by Egypt on Jerusalem.

The Egyptian draft resolution, without naming or condemning a country, cancels any move to change the status of al-Quds city, and does not allow any country to transfer embassy from the occupied territories to al-Quds.

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