US seeks to redefine Syrian case by next summer

TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Parliament official Amir-Abdollahian said Americans were after redefining several regional records, including that of Syria by creating safe zones in northern areas of the Arab country.

Speaking at a live IRIB program on Sunday evening, Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian described epic elections on Friday as an invaluable political support for the Islamic Republic of Iran and state officials.

In response to a question on why US President Donald Trump should opt for Saudi Arabia and Israel as his first foreign destinations, the official said Trump had taken a number of extreme and unrealistic stances against Muslims and migration issues while, upon taking office, he seemed to be controlled and managed by America’s political structure.

“Trump seems to be exploiting Islam, Christianity and Judaism as covers for complicated security, military and economic targets,” he continued.

The US president is also pursuing commercial purposes in his visit to Saudi Arabia as he needs to fulfill his objectives in energy, oil, weapon and employment sectors by benefiting from US support of some regional countries.

Amir-Abdollahian said the most critical problem with leaders of some Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, was that they beg their eligibility from outsiders due to the deep gap they feel with the nation. This was evidenced by the meeting held by heads of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council with the British Prime Minister Theresa May when Barak Obama was leaving office.

Saudis are also doing favors to the US in a bid to cancel out the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) which allowed September 11 victims to claim for damages from Saudi Arabia.

America, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Regime are hatching a hidden plot based on which certain Arab states will reveal their hidden ties with Israel. The 100-billion-dollar armor deal between Saudi Arabia and America was inked under the condition that none of the weapons be used against any probable war against Zionists.

Trump seeks to follow up the issue of peace between Arabs and Zionists and certain Arab countries are shouting slogans in support of Palestine while, in practice, they hold trade, banking, security and even political ties with the Zionist Regime.

“Saudi Arabia, for its part, is willing to become the leader of the Islamic world and head the new military coalition against terrorism inside the region,” highlighted the official reiterating that Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia mainly aimed at providing maximum security of Israel, absorbing huge amounts of investment from Saudi Arabia to create jobs for Americans and selling weaponry to bring massive revenues.

America’s project to form a new Middle East was a complete failure thanks to Islamic Awakening. Americans want to weaken the Resistance Front and seek to shape a new coalition against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Saudis are also after creating a new atmosphere of Iranophobia. Meanwhile, Iran takes advantage of its capacities to establish maximum national security, he added.

On US plan to redefine regional documents by next summer, Amir-Abdollahian said the US exploit Kurds in Raqqa of Syria so that they replace the ISIL though Turkey is against the plan by favoring the Free Syrian Army.

He described Iran as an influential party in maintaining territorial integrity of Syria and defensing the Syrian nation. On the other side of spectrum lies Saudi Arabia who is suffering worst conditions for being led by an extremist, radical and militant community.

The Parliament’s general director for international affairs called for wisdom, authority and power in dealing with Saudi Arabia stressing that Iran has never considered the Arab country as an enemy. The halt in diplomatic ties are also rooted in irrational behavior of Saudi rulers though the possibility always exists for them to resume relations.

Bahrain’s pressure on Sheikh Isa Qassim will not only fail in resolving issues but will also lead to more complicated situations. Rulers of Bahraini will never tolerate consequences of the ruling against the prominent Shia cleric.

He also commemorated memories of martyred Defenders of Holy Shrine and pointed to the significant role they played in supplying a part of the country’s national security. They devoted their lives in Iraq and Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran owes a part of its safety and security to these martyrs.


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