Iran vows retaliatory sanctions against Americans

TEHRAN, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement against fresh ‘illegitimate’ and ‘illegal’ US sanctions targeting Iran vowing sanctions against American entities who support extremism and terrorism in the Middle East.

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement in reaction to new measures by Washington imposing sanctions against 25 entities and individuals, deeming it against UNSC Resolution 2231.

“Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the illegal practice of the US administration in adding more Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and entities to list of its illegitimate, extraterritorial sanctions under the pretext of missile test is against US commitments under the JCPOA and against the spirit of the deal and against Resolution 2231 of UN Security Council,” asserts the statement. “Expansion of missile capabilities of the country, which is merely for defensive purposes and capable of carrying conventional weapons and will never be used unless for legitimate defense, is indisputable right of the Iranian nation according to international law and the UN Charter whereas aby foreign intervention into it is against international laws and beyond any country or organization’s authority.”

The ministry underlines that any measures against the interests of the nation would receive proper reaction form the government; “as Iran suspended granting visa to American citizens in response to Islamophobic action of the US administration, now in retaliation to fresh sanctions by US, the Islamic Republic will impose legal constraints against a number of American individuals and entities who have had a role in supporting terrorist groups in region or have massacred innocent, defenseless civilians in the region,” highlights the statement announcing that the names will be released later.

The statement concludes by reaffirming that security of the Islamic Republic is not subject to negotiation or compromise and that ‘unwise, immature’ behaviors of Washington would not deviate Iran from its basic policies in maintaining peace and stability and fighting terrorism and extremism in the region.


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    • Stephen Bannon NL 06:10 - 2017/02/04
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      Don’t play the game and retaliate, that makes you look weak. Do what Putin did when Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats – disdainful indifference. In fact, go further; announce that Iran welcomes US t