Iran slams Michael Flynn’s remarks as 'baseless'

TEHRAN, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry reacted on Thursday against the remarks made by Trump’s US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“These remarks are containing baseless, repeated, and provocative claims, while the Islamic Republic of Iran’s efforts in countering terrorism in the Middle East are clearly known to all that,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, on Thursday, in reaction to latest claims made by the US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Ghasemi asserted that the terrorist groups in the region are directly and indirectly supported financially, logistically, and intelligence-wise by the US and its allies. “If it was not for the honest cooperation of the Islamic republic of Iran with legal governments of the region and their brave armed forces and their popular forces in the war against terrorist groups like ISIL, which according to US president has been made by the American politicians, now, several capital cities of the region were ruled by the terrorists and the global war on terrorism was faced by more complexities,” underlined the Iranian diplomat.

The spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry voiced regret for “American government repeating the same baseless claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran instead of offering gratitude to the Iranian nation who has been continuously in war with terrorism.” Ghasemi blamed the Americans for their unwise policies which according to him benefited the terrorists. He added that one of those unwise policies was the latest decision of Trump visa ban against the citizens of some Muslim countries.  

“This inappropriate and discriminatory decision of the US, which has been criticized by the nations and governments across the globe, even in the US itself, recounts the US politicians’ lack of attention to the international rules, regulations, and conventions,” reiterated the Iranian diplomat. “How is it approved by the White House to lay cuffs on the hands of a 5 year old child as a counter-terrorism measure? How keeping the elderly in the US airports abide with the human rights’ regulations which the Americans claim to be defending them?”   

He noted that Iran’s regional policies are transparent and clear and the Islamic Republic of Iran is after developing friendly ties with all countries of the region according to good neighborliness, reciprocal respect, and abstain from intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries. Ghasemi maintained that, “there are baseless and wrong claims against Iran to create discord between the countries of the region and new market for deadly arms manufactured in the US. The US government should escape from the war crimes of its allies, using the US-made weaponry, in Yemen instead of wedging divisions in the region.”     

The diplomat also articulated that the defensive policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are in accordance with international law and regulations. He described the defensive program of Iran as non-negotiable under no circumstances. “None of Iran’s defensive missiles are designed to carry a nuclear warhead and they are in no way violating the UN resolution 2231.”

Finally he warned the US to avoid any actions which reneges the US regional and international commitments. “I restate that use of threat is in stark contrast with the abiding rules of the international law while it has also proved, to numerous American administrations, ineffective in front of unbending will of the Iranian nation.”  


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