Iran's constructive role in region obvious

TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) – The Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghasemi condemned the remarks of British PM Theresa May and described them as pleasing words to win financial support.

“Iran’s bold role in backing security, stability, and peace in countries which have been attacked and affected by terrorists and have called for Iran’s help is known to everybody,” said Ghasemi.  

He made the remarks in reaction to what British PM Theresa May said in her visit to Saudi Arabia. Ghasemi voiced regret that it is not the first time such remarks are made by British prime minister. “Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the British prime minister prefers dishonesty and baseless claims over truth.”

The Iranian diplomat underlined that Britain have been deeply involved in destabilizing the region. “These repetitious claims of no base and no logic in accusing Iran of destabilizing the region are repeated out of impatience and despair, and it seems that in repeating such improper claims she has completely forgotten her position, role and responsibility and has turned blind eye to the history of last decades’ developments in the region and advertently or inadvertently forgets that the big deal of problems, instabilities, and laggings of the region are the results of exploiting, expansionist, and unjust policies of her predecessors and their allies in aggressing, attacking and fueling the fire of wars in the countries of the region.”

Ghasemi reiterated that, “undoubtedly, the endeavor and determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran in providing security, serenity, and stability in this sensitive and strategic region is a quite clear, meticulous, tact-driven, and wise measure to counter terrorism and violence.”

“The false accusations are repeated by Ms. Theresa May in a situation that Iran’s bold role in backing security, stability, and peace in countries which have been attacked and affected by terrorists and have called for the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran is known to everybody,” stressed the Iranian diplomat.

“However, the British PM and some of the close allies of the UK in the Middle East may be unhappy about the unfulfillment of their calculated success of terrorists in Syria and Iraq,” highlighted the spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, “they may be discontent with the defeat of terror agents in Syria and Iraq and still want the region to be grappling with critical and continuous insecurity and instability.”    

“Selling arms and military equipment to the attackers for killing the innocent people in the region especially in the anti-humane and unjust war of Yemen are in stark contrast and discord with Ms. May’s remarks,” asserted Mr. Ghasemi.    

“The Islamic Republic of Iran categorically condemns such claims which are made to please and gain the financial support of some countries of the region,” articulated Mr Ghsemi. “We expect the officials of London understand the realities of the region and learn lessons from their numerous experiences in the Persian Gulf to make corrections in their improper stances.”


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