Saudis would better not test Iran’s tolerance

TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) – Former IRGC general and current adviser to Leader has warned Saudi ‘young rulers’ against testing Iran’s threshold of tolerance.

Yahya Rahim Safavi who was addressing a meeting of Leader’s Advisory Group on Wednesday, said that Iran had been working with the rest of the world of Islam based on friendship and common beliefs, and that Iran sought effective and working relations with Islamic countries with the objective of convergence of diverse opinions within the community; however, he contrasted Saudi Arabia which had been acting outside this circle of cordiality and saw Iran more a rival than friend, thus accepting US advice to fuel tension with its northern neighbor, while its own policies had come to a humiliating debacle in Yemen. “Saudi’s unexperienced and adventurist rulers have misguided in all their policies in the region which only set the region alight,” Mr. Safavi told the meeting.

“Leader’s hajj message highlighted such petty policies; in the case of hajj as well, they have abandoned diplomatic means in the favor of more aggressive and intransigent version of sabotage in denying Iranian pilgrims entry to the cradle of Islam,” he emphasized. “They have been brazen enough to fail to offer apologies to the victims of the hajj pilgrims immolated during the Mina stampede, to which their record will have a long-lasting badge of dishonor.”

Safavi also denounced Saudis for treason and pact with the US; “they no longer could have a claim on serving the Holy Shrines, since they had been in a pact with the devil; during Iran's war with Iraq, Saudis aided Saddam Hussein's Baath party more than any other Arab state. They are thus accomplice in death of 200,000 Iranians martyred in the war,” he told the meeting.

Former IRGC general said that the Islamic Republic of Iran had been practicing restraint vis-à-vis Saudi’s rash conduct and warned the kingdom’s rulers not to test Iran’s tolerance threshold; “peace in the Persian Gulf hinges upon our military presence, and this is a reality the US officials also admit,” Safavi concluded.


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