Saudi’s deployment of troops in Syria ‘an insane maneuvering’

HAMADAN, Feb. 11 (MNA) – A former IRGC commander and current senior adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has denounced possible Saudi military deployment in Syria as ‘an insane maneuvering.’

Former Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi addressed the February 11 historic day rallies in western city of Hamadan on Thursday morning where he told the multitudes of demonstrators that Iran was an epicenter of the Revolutionary movements throughout the Middle East and a ballast of great Islamic power; “the recent success against ISIL in Iraq and Syria has roots in Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979; before the Revolution, Israel easily crashed the coalition of Arabs including Jordan, Egypt, and Syria; however, the Revolutionary years have been days of defeat for them which were defeated during Lebanese 33-day and Gaza’s 51-day wars,” he told the crowd.

“The spirit of the Revolution along with Imam Khomeini’s and the Leader’s thought and your resistance have sent waves of hope and inspiration to the far-flung regions of the world in Latin America, bringing for them a drastic change in the foundation of power and established culture,” Rahim Safavi emphasized.

“Saudi oil money along with misguided attempts of Turkey, the US, and Persian Gulf Arab reactionary states have closely worked to provide the security of the Zionist regime through destroying Middle East countries’ infrastructure; in Yemen, Saudi regime committed atrocities beyond the imagination to bring to the knee the resisting public,” Rahim Safavi emphasized. “The resistance front supported by Iran and Russia is approaching to a final victory against Takfirists in Iraq and Syria; the media reports that Saudi Arabia plans to deploy military ground forces to Syria are indication that Saudi officials have embarked on inane ambitions which will not be without consequences for them, since they have been grounded in Yemen and would not launch another calamitous campaign this time in Syria.”

Leader’s senior adviser believed that distilling a sense of despair and frustration was a second method by the enemies to demoralize the pious revolutionary forces inside, which would precipitate the process of infiltration as well; “the true enemy of the Muslims is the US,” he directly addressed the Islamic countries.

“A third line of threat is abandoning natural resources and an incompetence in using resources for economic boom; the Sixth Development Plan provisions such resources to boost exports, especially for Hamadan province; we have Iraq as a potential market for Iranian goods and should grab the opportunity; if implemented well, the Sixth Development Plan will bring the true justice the Iranians had been long waited for and will bring the flourishing of the country in all fields,’ he concluded.




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