Rouhani urges NAM to be more active on intl. scene

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TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Burundi's Foreign Minister called for development of relations and cooperation among NAM member states on the international scene.

President Rouhani in a Tuesday meeting with Burundi's Foreign Minister Alain Aime Nyamitwe here in the Iranian capital, deemed the two countries’ relations friendly and constructive, adding “today, there are many instances of common goals and aspirations between Iran and African countries, and we can support one another in many international organizations and on various international developments.”

Rouhani considered terrorism, political interventions and military presence of Western countries in many parts of the world as the key problems of the global community, and highlighted the need for further positive measures from NAM member states in addressing these issues.

The Iranian President also expressed hope for sustainable peace and stability in Burundi, stressing that countries’ internal affairs must be settled through democracy, peace and amity.

Nyamitwe, for his part, delivered Burundi’s President’s written message to Rouhani, saying “Tehran and Bujumbura have common goals, values and views on bilateral, regional and international cooperation, and we must make extra effort in further cementing these ties.”

While thanking the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support for Burundi’s independence and nation, Nyamitwe called for expansion of cooperation between the two countries in international communities, particularly in NAM organization.

Burundi’s foreign minister further noted the attempts by certain Western countries in meddling with the internal affairs of his country, and presented Rouhani with a report on the current situation of Burundi. 



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