Improvements in Iran, RSA ties would benefit globe

TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told a meeting with RSA president the country would turn into one of Iran’s strategic trade partners in the future.

President Rouhani received President Jacob Zuma and his African entourage of businessmen and traders on Sunday and said that President Zuma’s visit could accelerate improvements in bilateral ties in all fields of interest notably trade, culture and science; “Republic of South Africa enjoys a sublime place in Iranian minds and hearts for the nation’s role as providing motivations for other nations in overthrow of Apartheid and imperialist-supported petty despotism,” Mr. Rouhani lavished praise on the African nation, pointing to long-standing relations between Iran and African National Congress, a party who spearheaded battle against Apartheid; “the Islamic Republic of Iran supported liberationist movements across the continent especially challenging Apartheid,” he added.

Rouhani also extended his gratitude to South Africa’s positions in supporting Iran’s rights to peaceful nuclear technologies during international sessions as a country member of NAM Conference; “improvement of relations between Iran as a country very influential in the Middle East and RSA as equally important in Africa would bring positive outcomes even in global scale,” he told the meeting.

Rouhani believed both nations had ample opportunities to give a new momentum to trade and economic ties; “today, following the implementation of JCPOA and subsequent sanctions removal, competition is high among European and Asian companies to sign deals with Iran; however, we would not forget our friends who provided help in times of need,” he said. “Tehran-Pretoria ties in banking would also contribute positively to relations in energy sector; we welcome and have enough resources to participate in and receive participation of RSA companies and economic energy projects.”

“Improved ties in transportation sector would provide both countries with important routes to Central Asia, Caucasia, China, Russia, and Eastern Europe: Iran’s southern and northern ports and RSA’s southern ports in the Indian Ocean are very crucial in connecting us to the world,” Rouhani emphasized.

Rouhani believed that historical and environmental attractions of both Iran and RSA would serve as excellent grounds for tourism development; “our agriculture, health, and humanitarian rescue service have been actively engaged in mainland Africa, and would provide same services for RSA,” he suggested.

President Jacob Zuma of Republic of South Africa for his part expressed thanks for lavish and warm welcome offered to him and African delegation by Iranian officials and added that Iran had been of crucial importance for RSA’s foreign policy; he also extended accolade to Iran’s support during the African nation’s battle for freedom against Apartheid. He believed agreements and cooperation deals would improve friendship between two nations; “we fully appreciate Iran’s critical and strategic role in the Middle East; your success in tackling sanctions provides also success for all nations,” Mr. Zuma told the meeting. “The historic deal clearly demonstrated the triumph of diplomatic efforts in settling an important international crisis, and that military options would produce nothing.”
Zuma emphasized that Iran had a strategic geopolitical situation and was a crossroad and a safe route to Asia and Europe; “RSA will find potential economic opportunities in Asia through improvements in its ties with Iran. We believe the private sectors of both countries should pioneer the efforts,” he said.

“RSA is resolved and welcomes deeper ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran; we believe in multilateralism in framework of international organizations as NAM Conference to contribute to global peace and security. Both countries could provide valuable insights into this crucial matter,” he concluded.




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