Young Iranians ‘major target of cultural invasion’

TEHRAN, Apr. 20 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has told a meeting of Islamic Student Association members Iranian youth has been a soft target for enemies’ ‘soft war.’

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received on Wednesday thousands of members of Islamic Student Associations nationwide. Leader's address focused on constant confrontation of the Imperialist front with the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the young cohort occupied a strategic ground; “the Islamic system wants to inculcate in the youth the spirit of the Revolution, love of the nation, commitment to the ideals of the system, and self-sufficiency; on the contrary, Imperialist front seeks to change these all and undo what the Islamic system have done,” said the Leader, providing the remedy; “the only way to meet this threat effectively is to foster a generation of pious, resolved, hard-working, motivated, valiant, and expert ‘officers of soft war.’”

Ayatollah Khamenei counted many fronts where the Islamic Republic of Iran was systematically opposed by the Imperialist front led by the US and Zionist regime; “country’s independence, including in political and economic, and cultural fields is a ground where these powers will counteract and neutralize attempts and motivations of any country ambitious enough to dare confront imperialist interests and protect its own independence,” he emphasized. “A reason why they would confront us in our attempt to achieve peaceful nuclear technology is this feature of the Imperialist front; should Iran concede in some grounds, they will advance any further to deny us further progress on biotechnology, nanotechnology and other strategic technologies.”  

The Leader pointed to other grounds where the country was at constant soft war with Imperialist front; “a strong influence in the Middle East and the world, Palestinian issue and Resistance, and promotion of Islamic-Iranian lifestyle are where they would confront us as well; in a country accepting western life style and ontology, the intellectuals and elite will espouse American values and policies more readily,” he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei turned to Hezbollah of Lebanon elsewhere in his address to address recent pressures on the Lebanese movement by Saudi Arabia where led the draft of a statement by Arab countries which accused Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of ‘destructive role in the Arab affairs;’ “with all the active threats and propaganda and misinformation, Lebanese Hezbollah has still been resilient, shining more brilliantly in the world of Islam; a petty condemnation by a reactionary despotic and hollow regime would not defile the clean record of Hezbollah, and it will emerge unscathed to resume its heroic acts of victory against the Zionist regime, who had destroyed the far stronger army of three Arab countries during 1960,” Leader lavished praise upon Hezbollah. “The movements seeking the sublime truth would suffer temporary difficulties; however, they would rise from their ashes to reclaim triumph denied to them by the forces of darkness.”

Ayatollah Khamenei closed his address with expressing hopes that ‘officers of soft war’ will stand firm in the face of defamations and brood of swarming problems to find the path and blessing of God; only then, the Leader emphasized, “will they find solace and will ascend to the peaks of success.”




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