Bronze, Iron Age items found in Tehran’s Kavousiyeh hills

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Preliminary investigations in Tehran’s Kavousiyeh hills has indicated that the hills had been settled in Sialk 1, Sialk 3, Bronze and Iron ages.

Iran's Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) public relations informed Mehr News about the new investigations on the archeology of the hills. Maryam Molaei, the head of a team of archeologists working on Kavousiyeh hills said that the evidence was few but still highly suggestive that the settlement in the hill had been continuous; “Kavousiyeh hills site has been added to the list of prehistoric sites with settlement during a research investigating land downdraft in Tehran; since then, no serious archeological investigation addressed the hills, effectively putting to abeyance valuable information imbedded in the hills strata. Our present research addresses this lack,” he told the public relations office.

“Our findings suggested that the hills are more than two acres in area and its main site falls today into the Garden of Shazdeh; urban development has covered parts of the hills. Attempts to plant trees and making changes to skirts of the hill has negatively changed the archeological profile on the place,” said the head of the archeology team, adding that systematic investigation and setting an exact figure of the hill area had been but impossible.

“In investigation of Kavousiyeh hills, modern cutting-edge technology of drone-aided imaging robot has been used; aerial photogrammetry helped also preparation of a highly precise topographic map of the hills; we currently hope to see further investigation which would address the exact area of the settled hill during prehistory and draft a set of regulations to preserve the delimitation of the hill,” she emphasized.

 “The archeology team will have stratigraphic excavations to set the settlement sequence from beginning to the end of the settlement,” Molaei added.




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