G20 summit concludes with condemnation of terrorist attacks

ANKARA, Nov. 17 (MNA) – The G20 Summit in Turkey condemned in the strongest terms the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and in Ankara, while reaffirming the decision to stand together to fight extremist violence.

In a statement issued at the end of the two-day appointment, the participants stated that the terrorist attacks in France a few days ago and in Turkey in October, are unacceptable to humanity.

'We unequivocally condemn all acts, methods and practices of terrorism, which cannot be justified under any circumstances, regardless of their motivation', stated the document written by the G20.

The statement added that 'the spread of terrorist organizations and significant rise globally in acts of terrorism directly undermine the maintenance of international peace and security and endangers our ongoing efforts to strengthen the global economy and ensure sustainable growth and development'.

The G20 members reiterated their 'resolve to work together to prevent and suppress terrorist acts through increased international solidarity and cooperation, in full recognition of the UN’s central role, and in accordance with UN Charter and obligations under international law'.

Also reaffirmed that 'terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group'.

Although the G20 Summits, which take place since 1999, traditionally focus in discussing key aspects of the global economy, issues such as the conflict in Syria, the refugee crisis, and now the attacks in Paris, have forced to give a more political overtone to the agenda.

Regarding the flow of undocumented immigrants to Europe, considered the worst crisis since World War II, the G20 urged for cooperation among all nations to seek solutions to this issue.

'We urge all countries to contribute in giving an answer to this crisis and to distribute the burden, especially in the distribution of refugees, the entry rights and humanitarian aid,' the statement added.

This year nearly one million people came from the so-called old continent in order to escape the effects of war in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Another issue discussed was the climate change, an area in which the Summit urged for reaching a binding global agreement at the UN Conference scheduled in a few weeks in Paris.

Regarding economic issues, the G20 underlined its determination to implement actions to promote sustainable and balanced growth to raise the prosperity of peoples. 'We are firm in our resolve to ensure that growth is robust and inclusive and delivers more and better quality jobs,' added the document.

To do this, an agenda based on three pillars was adopted: implementation of past commitments to deliver promises, boosting investments as a powerful driver of growth and promotion of inclusiveness for achieving that the benefits of growth are shared by all.

The meeting was attended by leaders and high representatives of the most industrialized countries (Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan and the UK), the European Union and emerging nations such as Brazil, Argentina, China, Indonesia and Mexico, among others.

The summit will take place next year in China and in Germany in 2017, was reported at the end of the event.





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    • francesco totino 01:29 - 2015/11/23
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      ooo finally they understand .. exactly what i was suggesting to G8 - G20 since 2008.. any year.. several times : It's time now that International organizations , g20, UN , World Bank, IMF, IFC should start to coordinate their operations and act .. not only represents countries .. please take a look : http://economicsandpolicy.blogspot.it/2013/03/what-europe-should-do.html