Leader warns against disunity among Muslims

TEHRAN, Jul. 18 (MNA) – Iranian Leader Ayat. Khamenei has stressed the importance of unity in the Muslim world, saying all regional conflicts are aimed at making Muslim nations confront each other.

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, addressing a number of Iranian officials, ambassadors of Islamic countries to Tehran and people from all walks of life on Saturday, underscored the significance of unity in the Muslim world, saying “Shia-Sunni conflicts, ISIL and Al-Qaeda are all aimed at making Muslim nations confront each other.”

Noting that the Shia-Sunni conflict in region is not normal, but rather “imposed and prompted,” the Leader warned all, especially scholars, politicians and elites in the Muslim world to beware of enemies’ traitorous hand behind the happenings in the region.

“If the Islamic Ummah was united and focused on commonalities, it would definitely turn into a unique power in the foreign policy arena; the world powers however have been imposing such conflicts on the Islamic Ummah in a bid to maintain their own interests and preserve the existence of the Zionist regime,” said the Leader.

He further added that the world powers have planted the Israeli regime in the region to sow discord among Muslims and engage them with internal conflicts.

Elsewhere, the Iranian Leader maintained that the policies of the Islamic Republic in the region runs counter to the 'Arrogant' policies of the western countries particularly the US, saying “Iran does not trust the US in the least, since American politicians are completely dishonest and unjust.”

“They are friendly with states who never allow their people to talk about election; yet, they accuse the Islamic Republic, who has held many elections, of dictatorship. They are not trustworthy,” he stressed.

The Leader also added that the traitorous Arrogant policy in the region is aimed at toppling the democratic governments in Iraq, disuniting Shia and Sunnis, and disintegrating Iraq.

He further reiterated that the Islamic Republic is of the firm opinion that regional countries including Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and Lebanon must decide for themselves without any foreign interference in their internal affairs.


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