Iran’s policy toward US unchanged

TEHRAN, Jul. 18 (MNA) – Iran’s Leader Ayat. Khamenei has said Iran’s power and authority is increasing ‘day by day.’

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr in Iran, Leader of the Islamic Revolution led Eid prayers in Tehran earlier this morning.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei first congratulated Iranian nation and all Muslims around the world on the holy occasion and stressed the blessings of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Iran’s Leader highlighted high turnout of millions of Iranians in Quds Day rallies across the country which was in the morning of one of Laylat-ul-Ghadr nights (Night of Decree) during which Muslims keep vigilant. Fasting people who had spent whole night awake on Laylat-ul-Ghadr, participated in Quds Day rallies in summer hot day the next morning. “Fasting people who had spent whole night awake on Laylat-ul-Ghadr, participated in Quds Day rallies in summer hot day the next morning.”

Ayat. Khamenei also censored western media and their mouthpieces inside country for their attempts to distort the image of Iranian nation and asserted that, “slogans showed the real attitude of people. ‘Down to US,’ ‘Down to Israel’ slogans changed country’s atmosphere and it was not limited to Tehran or other big cities.”

On second sermon of the Eid prayers, Leader of the Islamic Republic touched upon the nuclear negotiations and appreciated efforts of president, negotiating team and all those involved in the negotiations.

“Whether the prepared text for conclusion of nuclear talks is approved or not, what our negotiators did is acknowledged. A legal mechanism is predicted for ratification of the text which must be observed,” said the Leader and urged the officials to consider national interests responsibly in reviewing the deal.

Ayat. Khamenei further asserted that whether the text was approved or not, Iran would not allow any abuse of it. “We will not allow any violation of basic principles of the Islamic Republic. Defensive capabilities and security of country will be protected by God’s Aid and Iran would never surrender to enemies’ excessive demands about its defense and security.”

Pointing to Iran’s policy in the region, Leader of the Revolution emphasized that in either case of approval or disapproval of the deal “we will not stop supporting our friends in region. We continue supporting the oppressed nations in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and honest fighters in Lebanon and Palestine.”

Ayatollah Khamenei asserted that even with considering the negotiations and the prepared text, Iran’s policies toward the US Arrogant system would see no change. Slamming US policies in the Middle East, Leader emphasized that the Islamic Republic’s policies in the region were totally contrary to the US policies and ‘different through 180 degrees’.

“As reiterated before, we have no talks with the United States on any international, regional or bilateral issues. We have had occasional talks with Americans on basic issues such as nuclear talks which was based on prudence and it has not been limited to these recent talks.”

“Americans accuse Lebanon’s Hezbollah and resistance who are most devoted national defense forces of being terrorists; yet they support terrorist, child-killer Zionist regime. How can we negotiate and agree with such policies?” rhetorically asked the Leader.

Leader of the Islamic Republic dubbed recent ‘bragging’ and ’bluffs’ by US authorities as mere response to their domestic problems and rejected their claims of having barred Iran’s access to nuclear weapons. “Nuclear weapon in Iran has nothing to do with talks with US or other countries. Based on Quran and Islamic Sharia, we consider producing, stockpiling or using nuclear weapons forbidden and Haram.”

“They claim forcing Iran to surrender in its nuclear industry. Iran’s surrender is their daydreaming,” he stated and added that “five US presidents since the Revolution have either died or been lost in history wishing to make Iran surrender; just like the formers, you would never realize this wish.”

“In recent days, American officials confessed to their previous mistakes including 19 August 1953 coup and support for Saddam, however they failed to mention the other crimes they have committed. Supporting Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s 25 years of dictatorship, torture, massacre and brutality, destroying Iran’s national dignity, targeting Iranian passenger flight, and many other issues are other wrongdoings of Americans that US president failed to mention,” Ayat. Khamenei said. “I have an advice for US officials. Today, you are confessing to your previous mistakes in your anti-Iran policies after many years. Wake up and realize that you are making big mistakes in region. You are again making more mistakes.”

Referring to Barack Obama’s recent remarks, the Leader highlighted that “American president has said he could knock out Iran’s military. Of course, we neither welcome, nor begin any war, but if a war breaks out here, one who leaves it disgraced will certainly be the criminal, assailant US.”

“Twelve years of challenge with Iran made six powers accept spinning of thousands of centrifuges and continuation of research and development (R&D) in nuclear industry. Nuclear industry R&D is an issue they spent years trying to stop it, but now they’ve written and signed it. It means nothing but Iran’s authority,” concluded the Leader.


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