Iran would fully stand by Iraqi govt., nation

BAGHDAD, May 19 (MNA) – Iran’s defense minister has landed in Baghdad on Tuesday and was welcomed by Iraqi counterpart.

Maj. Gen. Khalid Yassin al-Obeidi paid a warm welcome to Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan, his Iranian counterpart during an official ceremony before initiating the first round of talks.

Dehghan pointed to the historical relations with western neighbor during thousands of years of cultural solidarity and interdependence in the Middle East; “we are here now to display our strong resolve to expand bilateral cooperation, and handle and tackle security challenges and crises through active resistance and putting together our forces,” said Dehghan. “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes and is resolute as well to develop relations with Iraq especially in defense and security issues,” he added.

“The developments and dire conditions in the region have made it almost inevitable to mutually cooperate to address common security concerns; joint battle against terrorism provides the ballast of stability and security in the region; we will stand strong with Iraqi government and nation in their unremitting fight against ISIL, and would serve their demands without any reimbursement of any kind in return,” Dehghan emphasized.

Dehghan also expressed hopes that the visit would help take giant steps in the process of fully destroying of Takfirist-Terrorist-Zionist networks of horror as the most contributing factor to insecurity and instability of the region.

Iraqi counterpart Khalid al-Obaidi hailed Dehghan’s visit as a source of plenty for both Iraq and Iran and a boon for improvements in bilateral relations; “Iran and Iraq are a geographical unit deeply rooted in the history of the region; no geographical border would deny this close interrelationship,” said Iraqi minister. “We appreciate and badly need Iran’s help and support under current challenges; we hope Iran’s support helps Iraq passed this sort of bottlenecks in its history to find peace and security,” al-Obaidi asserted.

“We will not permit terrorists embrace their despicable objectives through cooperation with Iran and public resistance, and we believe the ultimate victory lies ahead,” al-Obaidi emphasized.


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