Larijani denounces ‘media propaganda’ about AE elections

TEHRAN, March 11 (MNA) – The head of Judiciary has criticized media speculations about the possible would-be head of Assembly of Experts.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high-ranking officials on Wednesday, congratulated the new head of the Assembly of Experts for his election and criticized ‘media speculations’ about the election; “during recent days, some circles waged attempts to infuse the Assembly with specific mentality through media propaganda; in some cases, we received stories, two weeks ago, of the possible major rival candidates,” said the head of the Judiciary, implying that this sort of journalism was not only an example of media misdemeanor, but also it was illegal, since “candidates nominate themselves for elections in the election day only.”

He congratulated Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi in new position and praised his services to the Islamic Revolution; “the Assembly members are not keen in assuming the chair of the speaker in the Assembly, and they are committed to higher ideals; they would not do everything for attaining prominent positions either,” added Amoli Larijani, denouncing the lobbying circles working outside of the Assembly as ‘strategic error of judgment,’ who would flog a dead horse.

Amoli Larijani emphasized upon preserving the judicial autonomy in hearing different cases as Judiciary’s major policy; “we have so far shown no inclination toward any specific partisan interests,” he added.

“Hapless to say that some officials would interfere in judges’ duties, despite they deny that their conduct was aptly called interference, especially when a defendant would be probably exonerated, but these individuals would seek to elicit a verdict of guilty by influence over the judge,” Amoli Larijani asserted. “This is illegal and would be sued by the court; we expect to see the individuals with government positions would recognize the legal procedures and stand with the truth, and they would avoid accusing the Judiciary [of injustice] when they or their associate is one of the defendants,” he added.  “The prestige of the Islamic system is beyond the prestige and place of its individual officials,” he concluded.



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