A doable deal is lasting deal for Tehran N-program: Zarif

TEHRAN, July 27 (MNA) – Iran’s FM has said if it is possible to make a deal on Tehran nuclear program, it will be a doable and lasting deal.

In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that “it's a historic opportunity for all of us to end a rather prolonged chapter, where we tried not to resolve issues.”

He added that a resolution of this program “the point is whether it is possible to make a deal, we're not talking about a bad deal or a good deal but a doable deal, a lasting deal. And what we need is to have the agreement among important elements of this big puzzle so that it would make a deal that will last and will ensure an objective that we all share.”

Pointing to Iran’s peaceful nuclear program Zarif said that the other side needed to find technical ways of making sure that Iran's nuclear program addressed a practical need, “and that is what we have put on the table.”

He asserted that what the Leader said made everything clear that Iran’s nuclear program had a peaceful logic. Iran’s foreign minister added that number of centrifuges and SUWs are the numbers required to fuel a power plant.

He also pointed to the extension of deadline between Tehran and P5+1 and said that there were serious gaps on both sides. “The gaps are on the measures that are needed to be taken by the other side as well. We have – they have not yet presented the package of measures that would be satisfactory to us and they need to come up with more serious ways of addressing our concerns – the joint program of action that we adopted in Geneva, JPOA, has a number of elements that require cooperation, cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, cooperation to provide Iran access to international markets energy, all sorts of measures that are included in this. This needs to be a balanced deal in order to be a lasting deal. This cannot be an imposition. People have tried to impose on Iran; they have failed. You know that very well.”


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