Sunni clerics: ISIL extirpating Islam

ZAHEDAN, July 6 (MNA) – A group of Zahedan Sunni clerics have condemned atrocities committed by ISIL as extirpating the true Islam.

The group, comprising of Friday Prayer imams of the province believed that killing a man was killing all humanity. They also believed that ISIL was a proxy for the Domination system and “they are a group of the strayed who uproot the true Islam.”

Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami, who represents the province in Assembly of Experts, told Mehr News that terrorism and violence were all the conspiracy by the Domination front and the supporters of Israel. “Since the Middle East is the heart of the world, the west seeks to incite unrest among the Muslims; the ISIL is a group solely to divide Sunnis and Shias so that the Domination front could easily implement their vicious plots,” he added.

Mowlavi Abdolsamad Sadati, Saravan Friday Prayer imam believed that the ISIL was a product of anti-Islamic mentality fostered by the west. “No Muslim of any sect would endorse such atrocities and violence in the name of his religion; these cruelties is planned by the west to sow discord among the Islamic Umma,” he said.

Mowlavi Shamsolhaq Damani, who is a lecturer in a Sunni seminary school in the far-flung city of Iranshahr, said that the enemy welcomed rifts among the Muslims and lamented that some, who he believed were ‘ignorant,’ “helped extirpate Islam.”

Khash Friday Prayer imam Mohammad Ali Shahnavazi told Mehr News that the enemies sought to weaken the Resistance Front by supporting Takfirists and extremists in Iraq. “The ISIL has been devised by the US and UK to destabilize the relations among Muslims,” he said.

Iranshahr Friday Prayer imam Mowlavi Abdolsamad Karim Zaie believed that shedding blood of innocent people, even non-Muslims was in flagrant violation of Islamic teachings. “Any group, either Sunni or Shia, who mass murders innocent men, women, and children, is not Muslim, but serves the west,” he said.


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