TEHRAN, Des. 11 (MNA) – The Commander-in-chief of the IRGC has said the forces’ capabilities would not be destroyed by even thousands of bombs.

Mehr News quoted Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari speaking in a conference at Imam Sadeq (as) University, The Islamic Republic against the Global Dominance.

“The raison d’être of Basij like that of the IRGC was the Islamic Revolution and protecting it,” said he, pointing to the achievements of the Revolution. “ we had great achievements, one of them being the glory and authority of the Islamic system in Iran, which has coincident with the Revolution,” he added, “ in fact, if we take the Islamic Revolution from Iran, this glory and authority will be no longer, and this was exclusive to Iran and no other country has the attribute.”

“Another achievement is Iran’s defense and security. You know that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution had spared nothing even the war and other threats; however, today, Iran’s security is high and its defense is very strong,” added the Commander-in-chief of the IRGC.

“The components of our power are not the military facilities, but it is extensive public support, and science of the warfare,” Jafari told, and that “the best example of our power was evident in 33-day and 8-day wars between Hezbollah and the highly armed-to-teeth army of Israel.”

Jafari criticized some recent remarks about Iran’s defense capabilities. “Some individuals inside Iran would comment on our defense capabilities without expert knowledge; but even our enemies did not take such remarks seriously,” he added.

“In political terms and international arena, an achievement is Islamic Awakening inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, crossing the borders and reaching even to US and the EU,” Jafari asserted.

Jafari believed that a Shiite government in power in Iraq was the outcome of such awakening. “The government in Iraq has been affiliated with us; while the Americans sought a US-appointed government rule Iraq.

In Syria, their efforts come to nothing, and today conditions in Syria are becoming favorable, however parts of the country is under the rule of the opposition fighters, the conditions would benefit Syrian government,” he said.

“We do not need to worry; even the enemy has seen the forward-moving trend and they would retreat back from their positions; however, they would do this gradually,” said Jafari, adding that “in science and research, we have achieved much, with little progress in humanities though. You students should fill this gap in the Islamic Revolution in the future.”


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