Entering the gallery, the calm atmosphere welcomes every visitor. The big white tableaus invite the visitors to the world of peace, calmness and tranquility, a quiet place where one can rest in the afternoon of a hot summer day. White and pinkish white are what catch the eyes in having a quick look around.

Approaching closer, the little details show up. A lone figure, mostly drown in a white and light pink and orange, is shining inside the canvas filled with the shiny white color.


A figure in a sitting position tending to come out with her face wanting, demanding and needing is sparkling in one corner. A step closer and you will find out the reason, the picture of a soldier clad in army costume, wearing a chemical mask on his face, tells the whole story.


Being afraid of the enemy who has occupied her land, she tries to escape the chemical weapons. This is the reason why she wants to get out as quickly as possible.


Another tableau is an awaiting tall girl in the corner of the canvas dressed in total shiny red, her innocent face narrating the same need, need to rest, relax and remain happy.


Big Blue eyes, shining in a tanned face, with curly short hair telling you of the years of awaiting, again to escape the closed frame of the canvas, to run and get free.


Still, the calmness is reflected in all the other paintings, perhaps trying to convey the feeling of the painter in their creation. The painter who has been successful in conveying his message of need and desire in a calm relaxed atmosphere. “You can demand what you want, still you can keep your calmness. It is not losing the most cherished gift of your life that is the calmness in order to get what you want. You must not lose it at any cost.”


A figure all in black, mourning for the dear one she has lost, she tries to be hopeful to the future with her bright eyes, and to say “life still goes on with all its beauties, if even my dear one is missing.”


A mother hugging her little child in her arm, walking out of a dark place, and she is seeking to find a safe space where she can grow up her little child all in the warm Colors of orange and red, giving the hope of the bright future, with its many doors besides the mom, showcasing the many ways to rescue the child at any time.


The orange, red, and white colors, all colors of life and fertility, and peace indicate the inner feeling of the artist, what he has been trying hard to transfer in his works.


Afshin Pirhashemi, the young artist, in his recent exhibition held in Asar Art Gallery (July 9-20, 2004) showcased series of his works of peace and life.


The young artist, who has been the award winner of the 6th Tehran Painting Biennial (2003), 2002 Peace Festival, and 2000 Student Art Festival, has participated in over 13 solo and 43 group exhibitions, proving to be an active artist in his time of activity.


His young spirit has totally been reflected in his works, stating that there is always hope and there is always a way to find peach and calmness in life.


The green big tableau in which a woman is fighting the enemy, with the shining smile of the woman in the corner is a good example of the artist’s inner hope and power.


The paint strokes, the sharp contrast of colors, light colors of the lines, doors and open spaces in the far perspective of the tableaus, sharp colors, all in a white background carry the message of the artist, “Hope and Peace Push You Go On In Life.” 








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