TEHRAN, October 29 (Mehr News Agency) — The root of the crisis in the Middle East lies in the Holy Land of Palestine, and the source of the crisis is an occupying regime called Israel. A regime that, by resorting to military might, suppression, violence and terror, has denied a whole nation its rights and homeland.

According to official United Nations statistics, the very same regime, Israel, is the number one violator of UN resolutions. The depth of the problem is evident when we bear in mind that about 1/7 of all UN resolutions over the past 50 years have been about Palestine. 


The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East region has always been an international concern. In this regard, Western countries and international institutions such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have limited even the peaceful nuclear activities of signatory states to international agreements such as the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that the Zionist regime possesses an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. According to some reports the regime now has 300 nuclear warheads.


Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who many regard as a war criminal, officially announced that in order to suppress the Palestinian people -- the people who are resisting Zionist aggression armed with only stones and their lives -- he would not hesitate or be ashamed to use nuclear weapons against them if it became necessary. It should be noted that the Zionist regime is not a signatory to any of the international treaties banning weapons of mass destruction.


Now the question is: How can international organizations and bodies, including the UN and affiliated organizations, justify their double standard? At a time when the international community and the UN secretary general are silent in the face of such a regime, how can the people of the world call the tall building in New York, which is the headquarters of the UN, a symbol of world peace?


It is clear that indifference toward violence, terrorism, and the occupation of other countries are grounds for war and discrimination in the world. Meanwhile, failing to expel rogue states like Israel from the UN definitely encourages genocide and crimes against humanity.


It is obvious that an organization unable to prevent its own members from violating its charter will never be able to defend humanity and human rights.


Regarding the institutions tasked with banning the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction such as the IAEA, the question arises: Should a signatory to international agreements and treaties such as the NPT be expected to abide by the terms of the treaty while countries which are not signatories are free to produce and test nuclear weapons?


It should be noted that such double standards are not conducive to world peace. Pressuring countries that are complying with international treaties and laws and at the same time ignoring the actions of countries that should be considered outlaw states according to international law is an indication that these very same regimes or their supporters rule international organizations.


As a matter of fact, after the destruction and devastation of the two world wars, the international community's decision to establish the UN was based on the idea that there should not be any difference between a superpower like the United States and a small country like Fiji as far as their commitments to world peace are concerned. But, the veto right granted to certain powers indicated from the very beginning that the UN could not make a move without the consent of a country that has imposed its military and economic might on the world.


However, from the point of view of the international community and Muslim people in particular, the fact that the UN has not taken forceful action against the Zionist regime indicates that the Zionist regime possesses a de facto veto right in the UN, too. People all over the world ask: If an Islamic country had taken measures similar to those taken by the Zionist regime, would the U.S. hesitate to attack it without UN permission?


Turning the global village into an animal farm can never be considered a civilized measure, and no one should be proud of doing so.






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