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Iran stresses Islam opposition to killing innocent civilians

Iran stresses Islam opposition to killing innocent civilians

TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (MNA) – Iran’s Envoy and Permanent Representative to the UN says that not only does Islam prohibit killing innocent civilians, but also terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism should not be associated with any religion.

Amir Saeed Iravani made the remarks in his speech at the United Nations high-level meeting to commemorate the international day to combat Islamophobia.

Extending congratulations to all Muslims around the world on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Iravani touched upon the issue of Islamophobia in his speech.

"The act of the UN General Assembly in adopting resolution 76/254 in 2022, was definitely the expression of a common will rooted in a profound understanding of the threats caused by Islamophobia to international peace and security. Today, the adoption of the resolution on “measures to combat Islamophobia”, is another clear evidence of this joint commitment to terminate Islamophobia in all its forms and manifestations. The time has come for us to make the best use of our solidarity and mobilize the inclusive participation of all relevant stakeholders to actively combat such menace through, inter alia, promoting global dialogue aiming to enhance tolerance and coexistence among all nations," he said.

Expressing Iran's grave concern over the alarming proliferation of a widespread network of anti-Muslim campaigns including by utilizing media outlets and social media platforms, he said that the Islamic Republic strongly condemns all forms of hate speech, discrimination, terrorist attacks and violence against Muslims and their sacred beliefs, principles and shrines.

"We believe such practices and policies, anywhere, will have detrimental impacts on all Muslims wherever they are around the world particularly those in vulnerable situations such as under foreign occupation or in the minority," the Iranian ambassador to the UN underlined.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iravani referred to the ongoing Israeli war in the besieged Gaza Strip, saying that the world continues to witness daily aggressions against Palestinians whose homeland is under occupation and Israel as an occupying regime in cooperation with its allies maintains a futile attempt to excuse all its atrocities, crimes and apartheid practices through fabricating a direct link between Islam and terrorism.

He reiterated that not only does Islam prohibit killing innocent civilians, but also terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group.

"Furthermore, the Muslim Ummah, in an apparent violation of their human rights, have been facing violence and defamation as well as desecration of their values, shrines and holy book in a number of European countries under the pretext of freedom of expression, which is exacerbated after the resurgence of far-right parties in those countries. A number of these countries not only refuse to criminalize or prohibit violence and hatred against religious symbols and holy books in their national regulations, but also try to diverge from collective efforts to accomplish this goal," he further stressed.

He noted the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the sponsors of resolution 76/254 and the resolution adopted in that day, is fiercely determined to continue its support of all efforts to combat Islamophobia and religion-based extremism.

Iran is ready to closely collaborate with the International Community in this regard, he added.

"Iran also reiterates its full solidarity with the victims of attacks emanating from Islamophobia all around the world and highlights the utmost importance of commemorating the International Day to Combat Islamophobia in recalling the global commitments to promoting a culture of tolerance and peace at all levels that are based on respect for human rights as well as the diversity of religions and beliefs," Iravani concluded.


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