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Zionists killed 11K children in Gaza since Oct. 7: report

Zionists killed 11K children in Gaza since Oct. 7: report

TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) – In the last 108 days, Israeli military attacks have killed 11,000 children and 7,500 women in the Gaza Strip, said the media office of the government in Gaza on Monday.

In the strip, 7,000 people, 70% of whom are women and children, are still under debris or missing from Israeli attacks, it said, citing a host of new figures to try to convey the depth of loss and destruction suffered by Gaza, Anadolu news agency reported.

Some 70,000 houses have been completely destroyed in Israeli attacks, and 290,000 houses were made uninhabitable.

On Israeli attacks on the healthcare sector, the statement said 337 healthcare workers and 45 civilian defense officials have so far been killed.

Since October 7, a total of 119 journalists have lost their lives in Israeli attacks in Gaza.   

Israel forces detained 99 healthcare workers and 10 journalists, and 2 million people were displaced in the Gaza Strip.

Pointing to the inhumane conditions in crowded shelters where displaced Palestinians seek refuge, the statement said 400,000 cases of infectious diseases and more than 8,000 cases of Hepatitis A have been detected as a result of Israel’s forced displacement.

Some 60,000 pregnant women in Gaza face critical risks due to the inability to provide health care, while 350,000 individuals with chronic illnesses are facing critical risks due to the lack of medication.

The Israeli military destroyed 140 government facilities as well as 99 schools and universities, while partially damaging 295 schools and universities.

Outside Gaza, there are 11,000 injured people who need treatment, and 10,000 cancer patients are facing the risk of death due to inadequate health care.

The statement said the Israeli military damaged 253 mosques and also caused the destruction of three churches.

Israel targeted 150 healthcare institutions in Gaza, rendered 53 health centers and 30 hospitals inoperative, and made 122 ambulances unusable.

Israel also targeted Palestine's cultural heritage, destroying 200 historical and cultural assets in Gaza.

The statement further decried how the Israeli military has launched more than 65,000 tons of explosives at Gaza since October 7.


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