G7 seeking to impose its unfair approaches on other states

TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Condemning the recent anti-Iran stances adopted by G7 leaders, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized that the G7 states are trying to impose their unfair and unjust approaches on other countries.

Nasser Kan'ani has strongly condemned part of a statement issued by the Group of Seven (G7) in Japan which contains baseless and fabricated accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"As we have emphasized many times, Iran's nuclear program has only peaceful purposes and nuclear weapons have no place in our defense doctrine," Kan'ani said, rejecting the illusory claims made by the nuclear weapon owners.

He considered the JCPOA an important multilateral diplomatic achievement which unfortunately suffered serious damage due to the illegal withdrawal of the United States from the agreement and the inaction of the European parties following the US withdrawal.

G7 leaders' intention to implement Security Council Resolution 2231 shows the contradictory policies of these countries, he said, adding that they are the main violators of the said resolution.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always adhered to its international obligations and is determined to continue its constructive cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency within the framework of the NPT and the safeguards agreement, he said.

The Iranian diplomat also expected countries to refrain from interference in the technical interactions between Iran and the Agency by putting pressure on this international institution.

He further criticized the G7 leaders for abusing the issue of human rights against Tehran.

Instead of making baseless accusations, Kan'ani said that these countries should be accountable for the systematic violation of the human rights of Iranians, including women and children, through imposing cruel, unilateral, and illegal sanctions.

For decades, the hegemonic policies of some G7 states have faced the world and especially the West Asian region with insecurity and instability, he also said, adding that unfortunately, these countries are accusing Iran of destabilization.

"Maritime security in the Persian Gulf has always been dependent on the continuous efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and therefore we ask the G7 members to end the intrusive and unsafe activities in this important waterway and other waterways in the region," he noted.

As we have said many times, Iran has never supplied Russia with drones in the Ukraine war, he also asserted, saying that Tehran continues to insist on a peaceful solution to this crisis.


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